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Mr. Nanny Nicky Wu Li Xiaoran
Nicky Wu is starring in a 30-episode contemporary drama, Mr Nanny 月嫂先生, where he plays super academic, Chen Xin Wei, who has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and specializes in infants and young children. Due to unfortunate events, he had to leave Toronto and return home to China, hoping to start life anew.

He meets single mother Nana (played by Li Xiaoran) and volunteers to help her out as her nanny. Conflicts arise between the two but will they be able to get pass that a find love in each other?

This drama is going to be an interesting and hopefully funny one. I love watching shows with kids because they make everything cuter and better by just being there (i.e. Autumn's Concierto and Two Fathers).  This is also definitely going be a great training ground for Nicky especially when he and his wife, Cecilia Liu, finally decide to have kids of their own.

Release Date: TBD

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Mr. Nanny Nicky Wu
Mr. Nanny Li Xiaoran

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