Li Xian fanboys over meeting Mark Chao aka Detective Dee

Mark Chao Li Xian
Li Xian recently took a selfie with Mark Chao and described the moment as a dream come true. I did not know he was a fan of Mark and looking at them side by side, I see two handsome hunks flashing their brightest smiles for the camera. Their teeth... are so white. 

Mark Chao reacted to Li Xian's weibo post by saying, "Big brother will take you to watch Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings." I don't mine Mark's shameless plug to promote his upcoming movie because I'm all sorts of excited to watch it. It is the third film in the Detective Dee series and the second one led by Mark Chao. 

Mark Chao Li Xian

Mark Chao Li Xian
Among the star-studded cast are Lin Gengxin, Feng Shaofeng, Ethan Ruan, Sandra Ma and Carina Lau. It's literally all the swoon-worthy male leads of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Princess Agents and Legend of Fuyao getting together in a project, except Ethan Ruan is bald. Detective Dee 3 premieres in theaters on July 27, 2018. 

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Mark Chao

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Feng Shaofeng

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Lin Gengxin

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Ethan Ruan

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Sandra Ma

Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings Carina Lau


  1. Hey Anne, u had Lin Gengxin twice, u must be really into him, i don't blame u hahaha

    1. omg, you're not wrong about that but I am deleting the second one haha Thanks.

  2. Mark looks like he lost weight! Also bald Ethan is funny looking but it is OK because he is killing it in Fuyao re looks and stealing every scene he is in. I have just saw the Sea Serpent Detective Dew film the other day. So much CGI but always good to see Mark and LGX’s bromance. Will look forward to this one down the line too.

  3. I'm dying to see it! Let's pray to the drama god that this one won't get postponed! At first I loved the books, I loooved Andy Lau and now there is Mark+ stellar cast! Oh my,

  4. All 3 of Yang Mi's Leading MEN that woman is smart I wish they were All my leading MEN