Kristy Zhang Diets to Lose Weight

To anyone who has seen Princess of Lanling King, it's Lan Ling Wang Fei! She has another costume drama Chong Er's Peach that was filmed in 2016 but considering that it's a historical, it probably won't air anytime soon. 

If you've been following Kristy Zhang's weibo recently, you'd notice that she's been posting a lot about food. It's not really noteworthy until you see the series of photos she has uploaded so far. 

The photos are probably not an accurate depiction of her actual diet but netizens are quite concerned with the lack of volume and nutrition in the food that she eats. There were days she would post her meal consisting of a small serving of bitter gourd  or broccoli. The broccoli pictured below, is supposedly food for one day!  

I don't want to judge since the reality of is it that it could be one of her many snacks in a day, and we simply don't know the whole story. Let's just all hope that if she is really on a diet, that her body is still getting the nutrients it needs. I gotta give it to her though, she has a knack for instagramming food to make veggies look appetizing.

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  1. Hard to guess but looks like just trying to eat less. Lots of chinese actresses are underweight and unhealthy.

  2. To get enough calories, can get most calories from cheap unrefined staple foods like boiling whole grains and or tubers like potato, sweet potato, taro, chinese yam, purple yam. Cooking soups helps the fiber work better bec fiber expands more with more water. Can also use unripe plantain and winter squash (pumpkin, kabocha) as staple foods. Pumpkin seeds are also nutritious. Some places like in India, use beans, peas and lentils as staple foods.

  3. Her face is very beautiful and not fat at all, it's only her waist that is a little big. But, she doesn't seem to have belly fat either, it just looked like it's the size of her waist? Don't know how to explain. But recently I think her waist did became smaller already.
    I hope her face remain pretty the same and don't get swollen because of weight loss, every actress tend to get uglier when they lose weight although they gained a slimier body.

  4. I think the sad reality a lot of actresses and probably the actors too are on these kinds of diets. So many of them are unnaturally thin.

  5. She's skeleton skinny and still going on a diet. That's really sad.