Hu Ge's Manager Fired from Tangren

Hu Ge's manager fired
It was revealed recently that Hu Ge's agent, Yao Yao, was let go from Tangren Film Co Ltd. for violating company rules and regulations that caused serious damage to the reputation of the company and their talent, Hu Ge

Hu Ge's manager fired
The exact nature of the offence was not divulged but it was inferred that Yao Yao may have done something illegal by signing documents on behalf of Hu Ge without his knowledge or authorization.  As of writing, Yao Yao had already changed his Weibo certification to former manager of Hu Ge.

Tangren's President, Karen Tsai has promised to release an official statement in the matter in due time. Even without knowing the details, it's still unfortunate for everyone involved. 

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