Henry Lau's New Restaurant in Gangnam Closed due to Fire

Henry Lau restaurant fire

Just this May 2018, Henry Lau opened his own Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant, Xiao Zhan. Pictures of his mouth-watering dishes and undeniable cooking skills quickly spread in the internet. 

With everyone giving it five-star ratings, we actually thought that everything was going good for the restaurant and him. However, their restaurant quickly shifted from being figuratively on-fire, to literally on-fire.

His restaurant released a notice on July 2 that they will be temporarily closed due to a fire that broke-out recently. On a post, they quoted, "We will be closed as there was a fire in a different unit within the building where Xiao Zhan operates. Luckily nobody was hurt. We’re sorry for the inconvenience — We will keep you updated"

Henry Lau restaurant fire

Henry Lau restaurant fire
Xiao Zhan has not released a statement regarding any predicted re-opening date but with the amount of damage to the building, I do not think that that will happen anytime soon. Update: The restaurant has reopened on July 6th. 

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