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Ratings Fuyao Sweet Dreams
It's a double win for Sweet Dreams and Legend of Fuyao which star many familiar faces from the hit drama Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Although still on its first week, Sweet Dreams broke past CSM52 ratings of 1.0% which puts it in league with the two spy dramas Lost in 1949 and PatriotPatriot leads CSM52 rankings for most of the week while Sweet Dreams leads CSMNationwide by a huge margin. 

Legend of Fuyao shows no signs of slowing as it continues to lead online. The show has already surpassed 2 billion views and it has quite a ways to go in its 66-episode run. Sweet Dreams trails in second, reaching 1 billion views seven days after its premiere. Legend of Yunxi which is also on its first week has reached 500 million views and lands a solid spot in fifth.  

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6. Patriot 
7. Guardian 
9. Fire 

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  1. Really awesome to see Legend of Yun Xi and Ju Jingyi in the rankings! I'll be linking this to Poison Genius Consort's chapter release post tomorrow! <3 <3

  2. wow legend of fu yao rating not that high despite what news said?

    1. TV ratings are not high. Ppl are blaming it on World Cup and bad time slot lol

      Yang Mi probably thought she could pull a PA, but Fuyao is not a summer hit. Online ratings are ok for her standard.

    2. How can she pull PA against WC,late time slot, non Hunan station? WC is super huge in Asia that people everywhere would gather and watch it everywhere and stay up all night...
      It's not blaming it's the truth.

      Historical dramas aren't having a good year if you don't notice. Most of them get postponed or eventually became web dramas. So her fans are happy to see it's get released on TV even the editing must be a lot to pass the censor.

      And Fuyao isn't not only late time slot and go directly against WC but also has 4 eps release ahead online. Even streaming online it's only on Tencent so their online views is most limited too. If you compare Sweet dream in on Hunan ( bigger station), gold time slot, not againt WC, and have 2 streaming sites- that could be double views compared to Fuyao right there. I'm not sure if they have episodes release earlier online

      So if you want to talk at least know what you are talking about. Yang Mi's Negotiator was in Reba's time slot and is currently one of the highest this year... But with this time slot I'm sure YM wasn't happy but she had no choice... It's still better than it become a web drama like some rumors

    3. reply to 2.b : well said!

    4. Here come the excuses. Now, it’s the station and the release of online episodes? If it’s good, it’s good. Yang Mi didn’t play her cards right. It’s Yang Mi. We’re not talking about a newbie.

    5. LOL if FBB and ZX can't even have much control over their dramas what power do you think YM have? Do you think she can have better card than them? Some people think celebrities can cover the sky and love to blame them on everything... They can't do anything against government restriction for historical dramas and other stuffs.
      And sadly, when the drama is successful the credit usually goes to the actors and when it fails the actresses are blamed. Why?

      YM can't control a lot of things. In fact even now she can't have the freedom to choose the projects she likes. Because she need to carry Jaywalk's finance and their artists. She isn't lucky and powerful as people made her out to be...

      It's not excuses. It's facts. If her drama has the same condition as PA or TMOPB then it's only fair to compare them. But right now they aren't. Anyway think whatever. I'm just glad that it released on TV at least.

    6. FBB and ZX’s dramas deal with historical contents; therefore, the delay. Also, the scandal of the main actor in FBB’s drama adds to it.

      There was no problem with Fuyao airing. The current problem a lot of people notice is the deviation from the novel. It’s also not as good as many thought since there was a lot of hype.

      Yang Mi can’t choose her projects? If she couldn’t, she would have been in more crappy dramas like Dilreba. Hahaha She’s not the only artist under Jay Walk. Dilreba is banking for them. Zhang Bin Bin, Vengao, etc. are also marketable.

      You’re giving Yang Mi too little credit. The production needed to run through her first who will be the main lead. She also spent a lot on making herself look good with extra outfits and accessories.

    7. They are all historical/period drama and this year was harsh for them all.
      And the reason why Fuyao was able to air before Ruyi and Win the world was because what you said. It's pure fictional and not based on real historical. But that doesn't mean it doesn't affect from the woman historical restrictions have been going on. I'm sure they edit a lot to be less woman center and focus more on political to pass censor...
      Of course the drama will be very different from the novel. The novel story rely much on time travel when it's banned. They also need to fit 7 books in 66 episode not to mention they need to change and edit to pass all the restriction going on.

      LOL. Who is YM? Of course she should has upper hand than all other Jaywalk artist? She made that company and helped each of them to make their names after all. She is one of the stock holder so of course she would have more say than pure employees. But because she is a stock holder and is responsible for the company's finance, she doesn't have as much freedom to just too projects she likes like AB or LSS etc..., who has much less burden. YM need to consider the company and her artist's benefit before signing in any project. Are those name you listed just become marketable out of no where of it's how YM and Jaywalk help to promoted them by mostly bundle them in YM's works? While she isn't the only Jaywalk artists, people understand there is no Jaywalk and their artists without YM.

      By saying that, I don't give her little credit. I give her enough credit. Of course she has the right to choose her partner or at least has a say for them. And any actress would want to make herself look good. I'm sure no one can surpass FBB in this erea yet. That's why her dramas has much bigger budget. Because YM is the top popular actress who has multi hits under her bell. She is big enough to have her voice in the production but I doubt she is in control of everything... And you over estimated her power to say she has much control over time slot, government restriction, company's finance burden... Artist don't have control over government restrictions. Gov restriction has control on them. I thought it's common sense.

    8. I was not the one who brought up government restrictions nor company’s finance burden. You did.

  3. Webdramas are making a splash. I am enjoying The Legend of Yun Xi. The OTP have really good chemistry. It’s your typical idol drama, but the actors fit the bill.

    On the contrary, Dilreba is way past idol days. Same with Yang Mi.

  4. I am loving Fuyao personally and while it is not a TV ratings ‘hit’ like TMOPB, I wouldn’t rule it out as a failure by any means. It is doing very very well online and there are other ways to measure if it is a real success besides ratings on TV. Word of mouth also helped TMOPB and maybe it can help Fuyao too.

  5. Reply to 2b.... Wow just wow, "OK for her standard "? Lol. Nobody is making excuses for her, it is what it is.

  6. I didn't find Fu Yao as interesting as I thought it would be from the trailer... :/

    I find it on the same level as Princess Agents though, where the show just focus on the girl's journey and how she meet a bunch (like a BIG bunch) of people but as far as her goals and storyline is concerned, they are just getting nowhere!

    I almost felt that they rushed to film this drama, the story is quite weak. But they have a good crew and good technology. They're mostly selling the " if all the actors can attract fans to watch the show" like what Princess Agents did with ZLY fans. Princess Agents was not bad bc they didn't finish the show, the show itself has really bad pacing issues and an overuse of introducing way too many characters to the point where nobody is even important to the show at all except for ZLY. And now Fu Yao is pretty much going the same direction. All the "men who love Fu Yao" are just like popcorn, everybody goes into hiding until WuJi finishes his turn with Fu Yao, then they can randomly appear whenever it's their turn. There isn't time to cover what those men were doing during their hidings, and it would be too boring to cover them, but then it made them look like "popcorn" too. That's why the overuse of characters tend to be so boring, no matter how much you try to race with the pacing, it will still be slow at the end. Just focus on one side character for 10-20 minutes, they already drag down the plot, and because it's such a short time frame they were not able to grow any intense feeling to the viewers as well. So far only TMPOB was able to be successful with many characters, but the show was still boring at a 50% and above rate because of that too.
    But, with all that said, we're still at ep 20-30, we're quite far into this already, but there might still be a small chance where things will get better and who knows.

    1. I'm not happy with the script and change in Fuyao either but I just want to clarify. So far Fuyao has like 2 love interests in the drama, maybe 3 by the end. They cut half and they are smaller support roles who have their own story and love interest.

      But I agree TMOPB has the best script of all, unless Fuyao can surprise me at the 2nd half. But I still enjoy it very much though... Just I'm frustrating at the changes and the lacking due to it. The drama doesn't really focus on Fuyao as much as the novel. It looks more like Wuji's drama... as he is the center of everything right now when she is just a part of it...

  7. Fuyao is doing worse than I expected, but it's true that it's in a bad timeslot. The real surprise package is Sweet Dreams, because it's boring af.

    1. I don't like both the main leads in Sweet Dreams when they play the parts in the real life world, but everytime they dream they are both AWESOME! I don't care how annoyingly cutesy DLRB act in the dream, but it gets a bit irritating at times when she woke up and suppose to be more normal. But I guess is a very non-serious show so it's still kind of ok for that type of acting.

      Today, be it ancient drama or modern drama, the pace are always very slow and boring. I cannot agree that Sweet Dreams is boring at all because it is currently the fastest pace drama. In every episode they try to squeeze in at least one interesting moment so you get more curious to see what's next bc you get the feeling that it'll be more worth it in the next episode. That's the idea of fast pace, one event after another and they connect, and the character interactions should be convincing. In all the other dramas, just one event to finish and nothing ever get solved until the very end, and all the interactions were not interesting (recycling getting nowhere) that's why I find them very slow.

      Fuyao, it is Ok so far but just not impressive (yet, hopefully).

    2. Yesterday Fuyao almost hit 1 (.94) because there is no World Cup so yes they have really bad time slot...
      There is nothing we can do now

  8. Yesterday, there was No WC Fuyao almost hit 1. And it's night time slot.
    So it's really the World cup that hold them back... Even if it's just night time slot, they would easily hit 1 by now with no WC.

  9. I prefer to watch My Story For You which is more realistic.

  10. Im not interested in Fuyao and sweet dreams i will just wait for story of minglan