Bloody Romance premieres Jul 24 starring Li Yitong and Qu Chuxiao

Bloody Romance Li Yitong
Bloody Romance 媚者无疆 is a Chinese web series adapted from a novel written by Ban Ming Ban Mei 半明半寐. The title seems perfectly apt for a story that is meant to be both thrilling and provocative. 

Our heroine, Wan Mei, who is raped and abused trains to become an assassin and has to deal with a myriad of personalities such as Cha Meng, the cruel and impulsive master of Gui Men, the gentle Xing Feng and the mysterious Gong Zi. Wan Mei falls for Ying Zi, a man who stays by her side like a shadow. I have a feeling the drama adaptation will be a lot milder in all aspects and already, the focus seems to have shifted to a romance between two people in a complicated world. 

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During a chaotic period towards the end of the Tang Dynasty, Qi Xue (Li Yi Tong) was sold to a brothel by her own father. She gets a second chance after inadvertently entering a mysterious city where she was given the name Wan Mei. Tasked with dangerous missions, she risks her life time and again but gains the protection of Chang An (Qu Chu Xiao) who is a man that lives like a shadow. The two become embroiled in a greater conspiracy involving a deadly struggle for power. 

It stars Li Yitong (Sword Dynasty), Qu Chuxiao (Rule the World), Wang Duo (Inference Notes), Li ZiFeng (Demon Catcher Zhong Kui), Puff Guo (Shuttle Love Millennium), Jill Hsu (To Be With You), Marguax Ma Ge, Liu Mengmeng (The Starry Night The Starry Sea 2) and Zhuo Yuqian. I recognize a few faces in the cast, but it's really the plot that has me intrigued. 

Release Date: July 24, 2018 Youku (episodes released every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm)

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