Zhu Xudan begins filming Republican drama with Ethan Ruan

Zhu Xu Dan new drama Republican era
With Legend of Fuyao and Sweet Dreams airing this month, it's interesting that a mix and match in casting has led to a new pairing. Bambi Zhu Xudan is known for playing second, sometimes third fiddle in many Jaywalk Studio productions after Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat. This time, she takes the lead opposite Ethan Ruan. We all know that Ethan Ruan is currently romancing Yang Mi in the recently-aired Fuyao, so it's quite amusing how things have worked out. 

Ethan Ruan Zhu Xu Dan new drama Republican era
The story revolves around a military officer who falls in love with a beautiful woman whilst working together to fight a greater enemy. It pretty much sounds like the standard issue Republican drama. The Way We Were star Wang Tianchen plays the second lead. Other stars include Qin Han, Sun Chun, etc. 

Filming began in Hengdian World Studios on June 18, 2018, which also happened to fall on Dwanwu Festival. 

 new drama Republican era Ethan Ruan

 new drama Republican era

 new drama Republican era

 new drama Republican era
This is a very random observation but Lv Xing who's one of the supporting characters was the second lead in the 2005 drama My Bratty Princess led by Jang Nara and Alec Su. It's crazy how time flies. 

new drama Republican era Lv Xing
My Bratty Princess Lv Xing Jang Nara
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  1. Good for Bambi Zhu Xudan! I assume this is a project outside of Jaywalk because they only give the female lead roles in their dramas to Yang Mi and Dilireba.

  2. Looking Forward to this drama Bambi Zhu Xudan she amazing actress, she nailed her role as villain in drama Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom. Yang Mi did a great job promoting her people.

  3. What is the Title of this drama?