Wu Lei, Lareina Song and Jackson Yee Get Their College Test Results

Wu Lei Lareina Song Gaokao results
We have written about young stars like Wu Lei and Lareina Song Zuer preparing for college some time back and their college entrance exam (gaokao) results are finally in. 

Wu Lei got a total score of 456. He got 89 in Language, 73 in Math, 120 in Foreign Language and 174 for Science / Humanities. He previously got first place in the Beijing Film Academy Arts Exam with 92.85 points.

Song Zuer got a total score of 454. This is more than the 436 points minimum needed for Tianjin University's undergraduate courses in history and literature.  She got 102 in Language, 63 in Math, 127 in Foreign Language and 162 in Science / Humanities. 

Jackson Yee Jackon Yee Yang Qianxi gaokao results
Jackon Yee Yang Qianxi gaokao results
Update: Jackson Yi got a total score of 473 after preparing for 57 days. He got 95 in Language, 100 in Math, 84 in Foreign Language and 194 in Science / Humanities. He took the exams at Hunan Province and he scored 132 points higher than the minimum. He previously got first place in the Central Film Academy Arts Exam with 94.85 points.

Yang Mi Guan Xiaotong Gaokao results
With the new batch of applicants getting their results, the spotlight turns to other celebrities who passed the same exams with flying colors. Guan Xiaotong got a total score of 552 back in 2016 and scored a high of 114 in Math! Yang Mi reportedly earned a score of 583 when she took the exams back in 2015 though the news has yet to be verified as Yang Mi once shared on a variety show that her gaokao scores were in the 400 range. 

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  1. What does the score # means? The higher the # is the chances of getting in the entertainment industry? Thanks!

    1. It is a college entrance exam and will decide which colleges a student can go to.

    2. No this is a college entrance exam, they need to score higher than the minimum that the university they want to go put out. The more prestigioud the uni, the higher their minimum score is

  2. I feel so sorry for them. Imagine the whole country paying attention to your exam results.

    Seems like most of them are not great at Maths which I can totally relate to lol!

  3. Damn. They are all pretty bad at their academics.

  4. How so? They all scored higher than the qualified score needed despite having to balance studying with acting/singing,etc.