Web Traffic Stats: Legend of Fuyao edges out primetime dramas

network traffic stats Legend of Fuyao
Legend of Fuyao seems to be rising at breakneck speed online as it has reached 1 billion views after only 3 days of airing. Except for its first day of broadcast where the show ranked below Love Won't Wait, Fuyao has been consistently in the top throughout this week. Love Won't Wait only has a few episodes left to be replaced by Sweet Dreams starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun. It goes without saying that the online battle for ratings should be very interesting next week.

Fuyao doesn't seem to be doing as well on TV, but it seems understandable since the episodes are being churned out much faster online than on television (see schedule here). 

network traffic stats Legend of Fuyao
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2 which is the sequel that came with a new cast led by Liu Dongqin, Li Chang and Yu Shasha has reached 200 million views online after one week of airing. 

network traffic stats Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2
Despite ranking below a handful of web dramas on its first day, My Story for You catches up quickly and shows off its potential as it reaches 200 million as of its third day of airing. 

network traffic stats My Story For You
Deep in the Realm of Conscience which has been airing for a month also hits new milestones. Its Cantonese and Mandarin broadcasts have accumulated 2 billion as of this week. 

network traffic stats Deep in the Realm of Conscience
network traffic stats Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Talking Bones seems to be feeding people's appetite for forensic dramas as it also crosses into the 1 billion territory after more than three weeks of airing.  

network traffic stats Talking Bones
Although not the strongest drama in terms of ratings, Hero's Dream which started airing early May continues to build on its numbers to hit 1.5 billion views online. 

network traffic stats Hero's Dream


  1. Thank you for the ratings.

    I wonder which is more important for a drama like Fuyao - web or TV ratings? The late time slot makes me think they were not expecting huge numbers but maybe they think i will be another Princess Agents.

    1. Maybe lol

      Will be interesting when Dilreba’s show airs next week

  2. Fuyao picks up after ep 3, im glad its another strong female lead lol waiting for Dilreba's dramas coming up too

  3. Just finished episode 8 of Fuyao and soooooooooo good and it just started!

  4. I binged watched the entire 8 episodes, and I loved it.

  5. Honestly the timing and situation are bad for Fuyao, with late time slot, small station, Word Cup, streaming on only Tencent etc ... But the drama is good so far... I hope it will do better next week even more competitors are coming.