Unexpected Love with Zhang YiXing and Krystal Jung coming soon

Unexpected Love Krystal Jung Lay Zhang
Ready for a hot summer love? Because the long wait may finally be over! Unexpected Love 闭嘴!爱吧 is a romantic comedy starring EXO‘s Zhang YiXing a.k.a. Lay and F(x)‘s Krystal Jung

The movie which completed filming since 2016 has been endlessly delayed due to issues over THAAD between China and Korea, but recent activity on weibo gives hope that it will air this summer 2018. 

Rather than an unexpected love, it's quite unexpected to see Lay and Krystal playing a couple though they are actually playing characters that are not far from reality. In the movie, he is a Chinese singer while she is a Korean dancer. It's a story about the new generation and two people from different countries with different cultures. Will this exotic love stand the trials of differences? 

Unexpected Love Krystal Jung Lay Zhang
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  1. Interesting pairing, lol the plot is basically them, let’s see how it is

    1. they switched lives. lay is a dancer in real life (with some singing abilities) krystal is a singer (with some dance abilities)

  2. Interesting... but I totally forgot the fact that Kai (who is in the same boyband as Lay) and Krystal used to date. Lol. Awkward... but it the film does seems interesting.