The Prince Who Turns into a Frog To Get A Reboot

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog Joe Chen Ming Dao
The latest Taiwan drama to get a remake is The Prince Who Turns into a Frog following a series of other popular dramas being remade. This reports follows a long line of Taiwanese drama that is being rebooted about ten years later with younger casts for shows like Meteor Garden, Lavender, Summer's Desire and My Lucky Star.

Netizens have mixed reactions following but most are opposed to the reboot as it is considered to be a classic.  The Prince Who Turns into a Frog which stars Ming Dao and Joe Chen premiered in 2005, was widely received by viewers and broke a record viewership previously held by Meteor Garden.

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog Joe Chen Ming Dao
I enjoyed watching The Prince Who Turns into a Frog and I can't imagine the lead characters being played by anybody else but Ming Dao and Joe Chen. I especially felt that Ye Tian Yu was written especially for Joe Chen because, if you see enough drama with Joe Chen in it, you know that it's made for her. 

I am surprised by how well Ming Dao played the two different characters, Jun Hao and Tang Hao.  When he plays Jun Hao, I really hated his guts and wanted to punch him for his arrogance. On the other hand, he's quite endearing and lovable when he plays Tang Hao, so much so that I wanted to run over and give him a hug.

I can understand why some people would not want this remade because you run the risk of ruining something that's good. Let's just hope the powers that be know what they are doing.  

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog Ming Dao
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  1. Ye Tian Yu was definitely wrote for Joe Chen only. I got to agree. She was not pretty at all and matches the word "ugly duckling" very much when you first see her. It was only because of her realistic funky acting that we got used to her and the show. She was so good with that same constant role: 100% Senorita, Easy Fortune Happy Life, Fated to Love You, etc. That was really her niche.

    I just don't find many actress that can convincingly act funny these days. They tried way too hard. Then of course it gets annoying. But neither can they convincingly act like a cold beauty goddess too, they overly double or triple themselves to act like a complete robot. Just no good actors today. Besides they are not natural looking like Joe and Ming Dao, or the whole group of singers in that poster above. Those are very natural looking people up there.

    And who knows if the music will still be as catchy? That drama got very good OST.

  2. Another remake of one of my fav cdramas omg Ming Dao and Joe Chen are a wall tho, this brings back so many childhood memories. They have good OST that I still listen to today, anyone remember 183 Club and 7 Flowers group lmao

  3. They already tried to remake it -- 愛情睡醒了 with Roy Qiu and Tang Yan was awful! Not even close to the quality of the original!

  4. NO. MING DAO AND JOE CHEN FOREVER. Honestly, Ming Dao swooped my sisters and I off our feet so hard, and his looks in the drama were so memorable that I don't think any other actor could replicate that exact 'feeling'. It would have to be a little different and I don't think my heart has the space for it.

    On the other hand, the drama has a slight retro feel with Joe's highlights and the tacky style but I like how it sends me straight back to that time and explains certain almost (nah full out) cheesy scenes from the drama. Plus, Joe's large doe eyes grew on me.