Nine Percent Wanna One
There's a controversy surrounding the recent Idol Producer winners, NINEPERCENT's, cover photo on Grazia Magazine.  It was alleged to be a direct copy of WANNA ONE's Produce 101's cover.

While it does look like it's a copy, of WANNA ONE's own photo layout, I can understand why the Grazia's layout for NINEPERCENT was the nearly the same way. If you really think about it, it is the only way you can layout a photo with that many people.

Nine Percent
Consider this, there are a couple of ways this layout could have gone - 

1. Line up the boys in a straight line - not ideal since the photo would have to be resized to something so small so they would all fit into the cover. 

2. Line them up in two lines (like a class photo) - This can be tricky because how would you decide who goes in front and who goes in the back? 

In my opinion, while it might seem copied, it's a justified move since the options are pretty limited.

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  1. literally every group has done this. why the baiting title? im disappointed in this

    1. Lol to say it's a copy is just too much. If you look at the posters for some seasons of One Tree Hill and America's Next Top Model, the layout is the same too. How do you know the producers didn't draw inspiration from those shows? It's a popular way to arrange people for photoshoots.

    2. Oops sorry meant to post it as a separate comment, not in response to your comment, Barb.

  2. ALL Kpop groups have done this. Japanese groups have done this way longer than Kpop groups have. If Nine Percent 'copied' Wanna One, then Wanna One 'copied' BTS/EXO/OMG/GIRLFRIEND, and these Kpop groups 'copied' the Jpop groups like AKB48 and Morning Musume. As simple as that.

  3. The laying down picture, they copied Beverly Hills 90210 Original version.
    How odd when pretty much all idol groups did the same pose but they point out a new group and compare.

  4. It's a copy. Everything and everything, they just did this cuz Wanna One is super popular in Korea.