My Story for You finally hits 100 million views and apologizes for blaming fans

My Story For You ratings hundred million views
Like most dramas, Legend of Fuyao had its version of a gleaming report card to showcase after it premiered. My Story For You is a drama that also premiered on the same day, but didn't have similar tidings to share the next day. Instead, the show's official weibo page had this to say: Have Zheng Shuang's fans gone cold? It's already the second day of airing, but the show still hasn't hit 100 million. Forty-eight episodes released and views are not as high as one season of a variety show? .... don't be so lazy and make this trend. 
My Story For You apology Zheng Shuang
The thoughtless post naturally irked fans to the point that the show had to issue a formal apology to Zheng Shuang and her fans. In the wordy statement, it is explained that the production team actually hired a PR firm and that the post was written by their staff who was in a foul mood. In a nutshell, said person is obviously in trouble now and has been replaced. The showrunners take responsibility for what happened. 

As of today which is day two of premiere, My Story For You has reached 100 million views online. VIP users can already watch the entire series on iQiYi. 

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  1. Seems like people in the industry no longer respect Zheng Shuang anymore. Everybody just seems to treat her as a mad woman.

    1. she's infamous for her bad acting so maybe that's why

    2. She’s not right in the head and I honestly mean this medically. On variety appearances she’s so shifty and her eyes don’t focus. She seems to murmur to herself and can’t listen to what other people are saying at all. Something’s off about her, she needs medical attention, I think she has severe nutrient deficiency.

  2. LMAO! I can't believe they posted that.

    The casting is so off. Her and Luo Jin don't match at all. He has a seriousness and maturity to him and Zheng Shuang always plays a child-women with odd facial expressions

  3. Wow! What an insult to her fans! That being said, if a person isn't interested ina drama they have the right not to watch, fan or not.
    Anyway, Dramafever just liscensed this drama, so there will be subs!