Moonshine and Valentine's Jiang Qilin and Here to Heart's Zhou Qiqi dating

Zhou Qiqi Jiang Qilin dating
When you're playing the second lead or worse, the villain, it's often hard to find that sought after happy ending in works of fiction. Zhou Qiqi has just celebrated her 32nd birthday and it looks like the birthday bash came with a very sweet announcement as she proudly introduces her boyfriend Jiang Qilin who's just a year older. 

Moonshine and Valentine star Jiang Qilin girlfriend

Go Princess Go star Jiang Qilin girlfriend
Jiang Qilin was most recently in the fantasy romance drama Moonshine and Valentine as the jealous second lead pining after a woman who did not love him. Before that, he was the man in green in Go Princess Go. Wearing a green hat is a Chinese expression to mean that his wife is cheating on him. 

Nirvana in Fire star Zhou Qiqi boyfriend

Here to Heart star Zhou Qiqi boyfriend
Zhou Qiqi was Mei Changsu's beautiful and trustworthy ally in Nirvana in Fire who was also caught in a one sided love with him. She was more recently seen in Here to Heart as the heroine's sister Wen Rou. 

Nirvana in Fire star Zhou Qiqi boyfriend

While not so lucky in dramaland, it's nice to see these two finding romance in real life. They seem so sweet with each other and even their respective studios were in full support of the couple and refereed to them as 70 for Qilin and 77 for Qiqi. The number 7 is Qi in Mandarin. 

Zhou Qiqi Jiang Qilin dating

Zhou Qiqi Jiang Qilin dating
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  1. I remember the Nirvana In Fire and Here To Heart actress. She had a happy ending in Here To Heart with a younger guy.