Moonshine and Valentine ups the ante on its final leg and nears 2 billion views

Moonshine and Valentine 结爱·千岁大人的初恋 is down to its final episodes. I haven't managed to keep up with the show as much as I'd wanted, but the latest very risque poster of Victoria Song and Johnny Huang being intimate with each other is definitely an attention-grabbing scene. 

At this point of the story, the romance is intense, but it's the fantasy elements that are driving up the stakes to mean life or death. Will our leads manage to break the cycle in order for Pipi to live past the age of 25 without anyone dying in her stead? I feel like that would be the perfect ending, and c-dramas generally don't score high when it comes to endings.

I love our supporting characters as much as the main couple and I hope their stories get proper closure too. The drama has hit 1.8 billion views as of yesterday and seems on track to cross 2 billion in no time. 

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