Mengfei Comes Across mysteriously taken off air

Mengfei Comes Across 萌妃驾到 is a palace comedy starring Jiro Wang and Gina Jin that started airing exclusively on Youku beginning June 8. It seems harmless enough with such loveable leads and a cute storyline so it's puzzling to hear that the show has been taken down only two days since its premiere.

Twelve episodes have been released so far, all of which are no longer available on Youku website, and it's not like this is some politically-charged story that could trigger censorship. According to netizens' best guesses, it could be due to the drama using modern language despite being set in ancient times which could be flagged as inappropriate for a historical drama. There has been no explanation yet from the show's official social media account nor is there news of when it will go back online. 

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  1. That's really silly of the govt. I am really enjoying the light hearted drama. Hope it will be back on air soon!

  2. Oh no!! I am counting down for the next batch episodes of this drama this Friday.... What's wrong with the govt... It is a harmless light hearted drama....

    1. The communist dictatorship works in mysterious ways.

  3. What is the process for a show to be taken down? Does a branch of government comb through media with a set list of criteria?

  4. Aww man! That's bs. What am I going to do to fill that missing 24 episode void?

  5. The Communist government can do whatever it wants.