Huang Zitao Announces Temporary Break from C-Entertainment

Huang Zitao leave c-entertainment temporarily
Huang Zitao has announced that he will be taking a break from the limelight to concentrate on making music. This 25 year old young actor has been working for almost 8 years and has done everything from singing, dancing, acting and hosting. It's quite an accomplishment for somebody so young.

Huang Zitao leave c-entertainment temporarily

Basically, in the post, Huang Zitao says that everything is finished. After being in the industry since he was 17 ½ years old, he can finally put his mobile phone and script down. He revels that he doesn't need to dance anymore and he can finally get out of the city and settle down somewhere quiet where he can rest and work on his music.

Huang Zitao, was a former member of the South Korean boyband group, EXO, back when he started out in 2011. He ventured out on a solo music career around 3 years ago and also starred in his first movie, You Are My Sunshine with Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming and his first Chinese drama, A Chinese Odyssey

As his responsibilities to Produce 101 China have ended now that the show has found its winners, I think it's a well-deserved break especially since he never seemed to have gotten the rest he needed after the sudden cry for help back in January when he felt suffocated and wanted to leave everything behind. It's not easy to continue working at that pace and you tend to burn out easy if you don't take the time to unwind. Work should definitely not be everything especially for somebody so young. 

Beside, he says he'll work on his music while he's away so there's that to look forward to! 

Huang Zitao leave c-entertainment temporarily

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  1. I don't think it is quite literally a break, but more like a calm period. He will soon start filming a new drama, making music in his breaks and probably some endorsement schedules. But it will definitely be a calmer period compared to the huge load of variety shows schedule with Street Dance and Produce 101. Anyway, I hope he will recover a bit of his energy and hopefully his new character in the drama won't be a depressing as the one in Yan Shi Fan apparently was.