Gao Yunxiang finally granted bail

Court grants bail Gao Yunxiang
News coverage on Chinese actor Gavin Gao Yunxiang has been nonstop since his arrest in Sydney last March. After his previous request for bail was denied, the court has finally granted the actor to be freed on bail. Gao Yunxiang Studio issued a statement on the details from the court proceedings translated below:

1. Ms. Zhang and Mr. Wang were all over each other at the KTV. Ms. Zhang had multiple opportunities to leave that night but chose not to and even told the car picking her up to leave first. Throughout filming, Ms. Zhang was very warm and friendly to Gao Yunxiang. 
2. Ms. Zhang changed her statement many times and told four versions of the story, each more serious than the one before. In the first version, Ms. Zhang admitted that she initially did not intend to call the police. After she went home that night, she planned to hide it from her husband and took a shower immediately. After a long time, her husband found out and was extremely angry, and he took her to the police to file a case. 
3. The court places a lot of trust in Mr. Gao's guarantor. 

In response to some media reports that Gao Yunxiang faced abused in jail and was moved to the hospital for treatment, such reports are false. - Gao Yunxiang Studio June 29, 2018

Court grants bail Gao Yunxiang
It seems like the main points that the studio wanted to highlight were the interactions between the woman and Mr. Wang who is the other accused. Yet recent reports point to evidence that Gao Yunxiang was likely involved with the woman and that the case would boil down to a matter of consent. 

Gao Yunxiang's wife Dong Xuan has rented a place in Sydney where Gao Yunxiang will reside. He will also have to adhere to a number of restrictions once he is released on bail. 

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  1. Do you have any information on whether or not he actually cheated? I heard conflicting reports saying it was really his friend Wang who was involved.

    I hope it's not true because I really have liked GYX for a long time, he seemed like a good guy. No like Hu Yitian nice, but like actually nice. And I feel for DOng Xuan, for her sake I want to believe nothing happened.

    I feel like somehow he is getting screwed over by the Australian courts and screwed over by this woman

    1. The blood and semen found in the hotel room matches with his DNA. So yes he did cheat. Even if it wasn't rape his career is over in China.

    2. something doesnt add up. that was only released today. it yakes usually 72 hours for police analysis why the month and montha of waitinf

    3. Maybe they always had the result but just didn't release it until this court hearing.

      But the DNA is confirmed and he himself admitted that he was in that hotel room that night. I feel so bad for his wife and kid.

  2. How disgusting. I really wonder how a wife can forgive a husband who does something like this ? I would fly back home and let him deal with this mess on his own (and start divorce proceedings)