Angelababy's Cute Younger Brother

Angelababy younger brother Yang Fan
Have you seen the old music video for the theme song, Keep Smiling 都要微笑好嗎 that stars Angelababy and her younger brother, Yang Fan? The theme song was released early 2012 for the movie First Time 第一次 which stars Angelababy and Mark Chao.

Due to some very resourceful netizens, it was discovered that Yang Fan, who was born 1996 (22 years old), is currently attending one of China's most prestigious university, Nanjing University Business School. He is said to be really smart and studious.

Angelababy younger brother Yang Fan

He's trending so much that his sister posted an update on Weibo to thank everyone for their concern as she saw her brother trending. However, he has no interest to go into the same line of work.

I think that's too bad. He's too cute to be hiding behind books but who knows, if he's really as smart as people say he is, he might become famous for something completely different. Let's respect his decision to stay a private individual.

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  1. I remember people once posted lots of hated comments that ABB posted her family pic as a way to prove her identicalness to them and haven't done plastic surgery. She really does look like her brother. I would believe her story, because at least I've seen 2-3 people in real life where their chins and face shape really shifted after getting braces!
    But I've never seen anybody with chins and the wideness of their faces changing so dramatically through weight loss, and Chinese people are way too convinced about that methodology instead :P