Top-Grossing Movie Us and Them Soon on Netflix! (Update, it's on Netflix!)

Us and them top grossing movie Netflix
We've recently covered the news that Rene Liu is currently holding the title for the highest grossing female director for her movie, Us and Them 后来的我们 starring Zhou Dongyu and Jing Boran

Us and them top grossing movie Netflix
Currently, ticket sales are already at USD 200 million and counting in just only ten days. It is probably why Netflix has picked up this movie and announced it will be streaming soon on their site to make it available to over 190 countries worldwide! This is good news for people who are not able to watch this on the big screen like myself! Please stream it soon Netflix! 

Update: Us and Them is now available on Netflix!

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  1. I think people watch this movie because of jing boran...for me zhou dong yu is a boring actress...I know she can act and also already win the awards...but for me she is very boring,skinny and not preity at all...sory for her fan