Singer Jane Zhang tearfully admits experiencing hearing loss in one ear

Jane Zhang 2018
Jane Zhang was on tour for her Jane's Secret concert held last night, May 5, 2018, at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing. The Chinese singer who is generally recognized as one of the best singers in the country and has even gained fame internationally shared a heartbreaking news during her concert. 

She revealed that her right ear has been suffering from intermittent deafness since 10 years ago. She also shared that halfway through the song that she just sang, her ear suddenly loss hearing again. She used to be scared for many years but learned that even if she can't hear from the outside, she can hear from the inside. Even if the day would come that her right ear could no longer hear completely, she will remember the beautiful memories. In tears she said, "I cherish every opportunity to stand on stage to sing, I hope I can sing for a long time..."

Jane's Secret 2018 Beijing Concert
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