The Love Hypnosis

Records of the Southern Mist House
The Love of Hypnosis or Records of the Southern Mist House 南烟斋笔录 is a 40-episode Chinese drama based on a manhua of the same name by Ke Xiao Sha 壳小杀 and Zuo Xiao Ling 左小翎. Much of the hype surrounding the drama undoubtedly stems from its two movie star leads. 

Crystal Liu plays an extraordinarily unique character that's seems almost whimsical in some aspects. I can see why the actress was cast as the mysterious lady boss of the fragrance shop since her appeal as the nation's fairy's sister imbues an otherworldly beauty to her character that's truly fascinating, not to mention the premise in itself is intriguing and one of a kind.  

Records of the Southern Mist House Crystal Liu

Records of the Southern Mist House Jing Boran
Jing Boran plays the capable leading man who is not only a genius but also warm and passionate (he kind of like Prince Charming already). He is described as neither good nor bad. Their characters alone have tickled my curiosity for this drama that's supposed to be a fantasy romance and I hear there are fight scenes too, which just made things even more interesting. 

It begins when a white-collar worker discovers old records in her childhood home which takes the story to the end of Qing and the beginning of the Republican era. The female protagonist is a woman with a unique ability and a special mission. She can help men and women through their emotional problems and leave them with no regrets regardless of the outcome. Yet her own experience with love is not without troubles of its own. It stars Crystal Liu (Hanson and the Beast), Jing Boran (Monster Hunt 2), Wei Da Xun (Shuttle Love Millennium), Jin Hao (Singing All Along) and Zhang Han Yun (Princess of Lanling King). 

Release Date: TBD

Records of the Southern Mist House Jing Boran

Records of the Southern Mist House Jing Boran

Records of the Southern Mist House Wei Da Xun

Records of the Southern Mist House Jin Hao

Records of the Southern Mist House Zhang Han Yun
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  1. Cool! Looking forward to this drama seems interesting!

  2. When will it start airing?

    1. It will take a while. It was just filming recently...

  3. OMG, I'm so excited for this. I read the manhua and I think Crystal really do the main character justice. It's gonna be so hype