Liu Chao reunites with Colourful Bone castmates for Wonderful Time

Wang Herun Liu Chao Wonderful TimeWang Herun Liu Chao Colourful Bone
Wonderful Time Is an upcoming modern drama that brings together Colourful Bone stars Tong Mengshi and Wang Herun to play a couple again, and it looks like the six degrees of separation doesn't end there. Liu Chao and He Rui Xian will be playing the second leads as Mu Qianchu and Shi Di.

Colourful Bone fans will remember Liu Chao as the brilliant strategist / father figure in the drama. Wang Herun jokes about the reunion now that her godfather has turned into her brother-in-law. At least he's not playing a generation older this time, he's really only 5 years older than the young actress! Fun fact, I just learned that Liu Chao was an SM Entertainment trainee for 8 years until he left the company to pursue acting. 

Wonderful Time Liu Chao

Wonderful Time He Rui Xian
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  1. Can't wait to see Tong Mengshi and Wang Herun together in a modern drama this time! I am impressed with their acting and chemistry in Colorful Bone.

    I had no idea she and Lio Chao were so close in age. Even so I hope they don't have any sort of loveline in this new drama because I still think of him as playing her father figure irrational as it is..

    1. lol.. As much as I loved his character in Colourful Bone, i did think he was too young for the role. I think you're fine though, if he's supposed to be her brother in law then there's probably no loveline.