Legend of Ba Qing unlikely to change leading man, air date even less likely

Legend of Ba Qing leading men Gavin Gao Dylan Kuo
Legend of Ba Qing aka Win the World 赢天下 was once the big-budget production that everyone was waiting for as it marked Fan Bingbing's return to Chinese historical dramas since the highly-successful Empress of China. Looking back at the past New Year's Eve celebrations, Fan Bingbing and leading man Gavin Gao even appeared together and sang a duet to promote the drama. 

The show has fallen from grace overnight in light of Gavin Gao's sudden arrest in Sydney. The show has been scrambling to take reactionary measures since then with rumors that a reshoot was being conceptualized to change the leading man to Dylan Kuo who already plays the heroine's husband in the drama. 

Legend of Ba Qing Gavin Gao Fan Bingbing New Year

Legend of Ba Qing Gavin Gao Fan Bingbing New Year
Unfortunately, recent reports have revealed otherwise. For it to work, Dylan Kuo would have to play two characters concurrently and replace Gavin Gao as the Qin Emperor. Most of the scenes with the Emperor are large scale shoots that require a lot of time and people and a reshoot with all the actors could reach 500 million yuan. 

Given that there doesn't seem to be another solution, It looks like only time will tell how the drama will fare. Talent Television Film saw over 10% drop in stock price on the news of the arrest. Fan Bingbing is a stockholder of the company and has also invested a substantial portion to produce the drama. 

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  1. Basically they poured all the money down the drain.
    The time and effort that was put into it is now wasted.
    T.T Was looking forward to Fan Bing Bing.

  2. And this is on top of the issues they were having with SARFT due to historical inaccuracies. Mess.

  3. Has Yunxiang Gao (Gavin Gao) even made bail yet?

  4. I dont like fan bingbing...and I dont have any sympathy for her...because she just waist the money,time & effort to produce something mess and inaccuracies.

  5. Cant they pursue actions on Gavin Gao? Sounds like he wasted a lot of money from the crew. And what’s with all these controversy and mishaps around chinese dramas that end up ruining the drama? 1st its Siege in the fog with the conflict with the author and spoiling that result in the drama airing after 2 years and their editing ruin it too. Now this one doesnt look good with everything surrounds it smh

  6. If this is not airing soon, can they replace with Ruyi's already?

    1. Ruyi is having issues of its own. Also not getting approved by SARFT and some plagiarism controversy. Sadly as anticipated as these dramas are/were they are just a big giant mess nowadays.