Jing Boran Studio addresses fake donation accusations

Jing Boran Studio address fake donation
The fake donation scandal involving Yang Mi happened not too long ago, yet another one has resurfaced with headlines like 'Jing Boran fake donation' going around online. It is almost unreal that these things would happen consecutively but at least this time around, it seems much less complicated. 

Jing Boran Studio issued a statement to reveal some truths to the matter. They revealed that the company they were working with to publish a magazine in the past was going to make a donation to a school under Jing Boran's name. 

Jing Boran Studio address fake donation

The Studio had only asking for verbal updates on the progress of the donation and didn't request for proof due to their existing relationship with the company. However, they learned belatedly that the company has gone bankrupt as evidenced by a letter from the middleman. 

Hence, Jing Boran Studio has taken it upon themselves to complete the donation instead. Furthermore, the Chinese Youth Development Foundation issued a certificate on May 3rd indicating proof of receipt. Jing Boran Studio ensd the statement with an apology and a move to increase transparency to avoid similar misunderstandings.  
Jing Boran Studio address fake donation
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