Introducing the Beautiful Chinese Actresses from Xinjiang

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang
We are familiar with China's Four Ancient Beauties, Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Wang Zhaojun and Yang Yuhuan. Legends of their beauties may have been embellished over the years since they have caught the eye of ruling emperors to impact Chinese history. Three of the four beauties brought down kingdoms and their lives ended in tragedy.

While beauty may be subjective, there are some women whose beauty we can't dismiss. These ladies of contemporary beauty have been referred to as the Xinjiang Ladies because they hail from the Xinjiang province in Northwest China (There must be something in the water! haha).

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Uyghur
Dilraba Dilmurat who is of Uyghur descent is one of hottest rising stars in China right now. She made her debut in 2013 as the lead role in Anarhan, and she is often compared to the next lady on our list. 

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Uyghur
Gülnezer Bextiyar (you might know her as Gulnezar or simply as, Nazha) started out as model but because of her unique beauty, she was discovered and made her acting debut in 2012 through Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky. She is of Uyghur descent. 

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Tong Liya
Tong Liya is almost a decade older than our first two ladies but you can't tell just by looking at her. Her earlier acting roles was as the younger version of one of the main characters in the 2008 Chinese-Hong Kong TV remake of C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri. She is from the Sibo ethnic group. 

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Madina Memet Uygher
Madina Memet was first noticed when she was cast as a concubine in the TV drama New My Fair Princess. You can catch her in the reboot of Summer's Desire right now. She is of Uyghur descent. 

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Uyghur
Daisy Dai Si's (born Mingmukedaisi Kuerban) first acting role was in 2014 when she filmed the TV drama, Tong Tian Detective Dee. She drew attention as a supporting character in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms which actually aired earlier. She has done several projects in a supporting role since them. I am still waiting for her to star in her own drama series which I hope will happen soon. She is of Uyghur descent. 

Beautiful Chinese actresses Xinjiang Re Yi Zha Uyghur
Rayza (born Reyizha Alimujiang) got her break in 2011 when she was cast in Empresses in the Palace as Ye Lan Yi. She also had a brief but memorable role in Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and you can catch her playing the heroine in Heroes of the North. Edit: She is from the Kazakh ethnic group in Xinjiang but was actually born and raised in Beijing. 

Personally, I find Madina Memet to be the prettiest one and Tong Liya a close second. I would pick Nazha over Dilraba for my third since I find Naza's face to be more friendly looking than Dilraba's, but at the end of the day, rankings don't count as beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Who's your top 3?

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  1. From this pics? Nazha would be #1 she kinda look like a hybrid of yang mi and AB here

  2. Dilraba because to me she's my real life Goddess ♥

  3. rayza isn't from xinjiang. she was born & raised in beijing

    1. thanks for the correction, have double checked and updated.

  4. I would definitely choose Dilraba, then Daisy Dai Si and then Medina Memet
    I really don't like Nazha and I don't get why she i seen as really pretty but then again everyone has their own thoughts about what is beautiful :)

  5. I like Reba and Daisy. I had my eyes on Daisy since Ten thousand miles, she fits the fantasy world princess image so well so im hoping to see her as a lead one day

  6. Nazha is a true beauty, she is elegant and unique with a slight bit of cuteness and freshness, plus she looks the friendliest among all Nazha also acted as diao chan before

    1. She will be acting as Diao Chan again in Dynasty Warriors movie.

  7. dilraba dilraba dilraba! haha i just love her. but tong liya has always been one of my favorite actress! so she's second for me. and daisy will be third! i love her in TTMPB

  8. Just looks alone, Nazha.
    But if based on acting skills, Tong Liya and Dai Si would be my fave.

    Dai Si actually already has a lead role. She's cast in this spy drama called 反恐特战队之天狼 as the female lead, but sadly I'm not very interested in the genre :( Hoping she leads an ancient drama or a modern rom-com.

  9. Xinjiang china is the most closely monitored place in china bec of a muslim separatist movement. Lots of police, military, armored vehicles, tanks, face recognition cameras, ids, artificial intelligence, etc. everywhere in Xinjiang China. Xinjiang was annexed by china in 1949 by Mao.

  10. I love that most of these beauties are the ethnic minority in China! Super dope that they can be the face of diversity in China.

  11. Off these photos alone: Madina Memet, Tong Liya and Daisy Dai Si.

    In terms of acting though: Dilraba, Rayza and Daisy Dai Si. I have not watched Tong Liya's and Madina Memet's work. Someone need to recommend me Nazha's work where she plays a character different from her 'usual'. I've watched 4 of her works so far (Xuan Yuan Sword, God of War, Chinese Paladin 5, Fighter of Destiny) but I find her characters to be carbon copies of each other.

  12. Coincidentally i came 2know bout Chinese Drama Series/Movies from China
    thru my facebook (trailer of Princess Agent) but the 1st chinese drama i managed 2
    watch thru Youtube was Song of Phoenix.
    At the beginning while watching chinese drama, i was quite stunned n i feel it's really amazing that China can produced such a great dramas/movies with a gorgeous n handsome actors/actresses n a very attractive scenery, colourful and a beautiful background. To me Chinese drama is much better then Bollywood drama chinese drama is more reallistic especially the history drama.
    Now back 2 the topic in this article, my choice 4 top 6 beauty :-

    1 ... Dilraba Dilmurat
    2 ... Gulnazar Bextiyar
    3 ... Madina Memet
    4 ... Daisy Si
    5 ...Tong Liya
    6 ... Reizya Alimujiang

    As 4 strong acting skill i'll go 4

    1 ... Gulnazar Bextiyar
    2 ... Dilraba Dilmurat
    3 ... Tong Liya
    4 ... Madina Memet
    5 ... Daisy Si
    6 ... Reizya Alimujiang

    Talking about Xinjiang, recently i read n watched world news , i felt sad n quite disappointed of what's happening .... i just hope and pray that things will get back 2normal where everybody can leave in peace and harmony n hope it won't effect those actors n actresses from Xinjiang n Kazaht