Hero's Dream (2018)

Hero's Dream Oho Ou
Hero's Dream 天意 is a 57-episode Chinese drama adapted from a novel of the same name by Qian Li Fang 钱莉芳. It tells a story through science fiction lenses as Han Xin, the titular hero played by Oho Ou, strikes a deal with a man in black who promises to help him rise up from humble beginnings.

History takes its course, but behind the scenes is an unforeseeable force that is meddling with the lives of well-known historical figures like the Qin Emperor, Liu Bang, Han Xin, Zhang Liang and Xiang Yu. 

Hero's Dream Poster Oho Ou
It stars Oho OuKarina Hai LingLi YuxuanSun ZhenniYu JiweiTian YitongLi Gan and Chen JinruWhile the cast is quite young and fresh, the show brings on a strong supporting cast.  

Hero's Dream Poster Tang Yan
Tiffany Tang Yan makes a cameo as Nv Xi. She is the main boss and a mysterious entity who pulls the strings of fate. 

Hero's Dream Poster Qiao Zhenyu
Qiao Zhenyu makes a special appearance as the Qin Emperor. He has a commanding presence and succeeds in uniting the warring states under one rule. 

Hero's Dream Poster Zhang Danfeng
Zhang Danfeng makes a cameo as Liu Bang. He is the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty. 

I'm admittedly drawn to this not because of the main cast, but more so by the supporting cast. Tang Yan as a queen (I presume she's evil) ought to be a sight to behold. Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors was perhaps the only science fiction history fusion that I saw that wasn't trying to be a comedy. It really ended up being a disappointment, but I'm oddly optimistic about this. It seems an interesting take on the familiar storylines that we've learned from the history books.  

Release Date: May 10, 2018 Youku

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Hero's Dream Oho Ou

Hero's Dream Karina Hai Ling

Hero's Dream

Hero's Dream Youku web drama

Hero's Dream Youku web drama

Hero's Dream Youku web drama

Hero's Dream Youku web drama

Hero's Dream Youku web drama
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