Here to Heart, The Legend of Jade Sword day 1 numbers and view count for other dramas online

Here to Heart online viewership
Two new dramas have premiered on Monday and while television ratings have yet to be released, online viewership seem to hold promise. Here to Heart which is a romance drama starring Zhang Han and Janine Chang has gotten 100 million views within the first 16 hours of its release and crossed 200 million in two days. 

The Legend of Jade Sword Hawick Lau

The Legend of Jade Sword online viewership
The Legend of Jade Sword which is a fantasy action drama starring Hawick Lau and Angel Wang has reached 100 million views within 18 hours of its release.

Oh My Emperor online viewership

Oh My Emperor 300 million views
Web only dramas are also an interesting bunch. Oh My Emperor is a time travel drama starring members of the boyband X Nine and Zhao Lu Si as the leading lady. It has reached 100 million within the first 14 hours of its release and has hit 300 million within five days of its premiere.

Cinderella Chef 300 million views
Cinderella Chef is yet another time travel drama that's doing well and it stars Bie Thassapak Hsu and Zhong Dan Ni.  It has hit 100 million within 3 hours of its release, 200 million in two days, 300 million in 3 days and the number keeps getting higher. 

Suddenly This Summer  500 million views
A few of the mid-April premieres have reached new milestones this week. Suddenly This Summer starring Bai Yu and Pu Guan Jin has recently hit 500 million views. 

Love's Lies Luo Jin 400 million views
Love's Lies starring Luo Jin and Feeling Pan has recently hit 400 million views.

I Won't Be Bullied By Girls Cai Xukun 500 million views
I Won't Be Bullied By Girls starring Cai Xukun has recently hit 500 million views. 

Secret of the Three Kingdoms 2 billion views
Last but not the least are the web dramas that premiered in late April to early March. Secret of the Three Kingdoms starring Ma Tianyu, Elvis Han and Wan Qian has crossed into the billions as it exceeds 2 billion views.

Flying Tiger 1.5 billion views
Flying Tiger starring Michael Miu, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng has surpassed 1.5 billion views. 

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