Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie get married a second time for The Eternal Love II

The Eternal Love 2 wedding Liang Jie Xing Zhaolin
The Eternal Love 2 双世宠妃Ⅱ has dropped some updates of Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie filming their wedding scene as the 8th Prince and the 8th Princess. Fans of season 1 would remember a similar wedding that started the love story between two people who initially wanted nothing to do with each other. Given the complications of a third wheel and two souls inhabiting one body, the couple's chaotic first night ends with the groom bolting out of the window and the bride hilariously falling into a trap of her own making. 

The Eternal Love wedding Liang Jie

The Eternal Love wedding Xing Zhaolin

The Eternal Love wedding
Season 2 is suppose to wipe the slate clean with everyone but the 8th Prince remembering what happened, and I'm really curious which parts of the original story they'd keep. Now that the groom is actively trying to get the bride to fall in love with him, I'm thinking that the wedding ceremony will be much sweeter though probably still a little chaotic.  

The Eternal Love 2 wedding Liang Jie
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  1. so looking forward to see it! seems like they got more budget for this season :)

    1. yes, thanks to the show becoming popular. i imagine it will be more obvious when the show premieres:)

    2. not that money always translates to quality...