Moonshine and Valentine (2018)

Moonshine and Valentine aka The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love 结爱 ▪ 千岁大人的初恋 is a 30-episode Chinese web drama based on a novel by Shi Ting Rou 施定柔 titled, Jie Ai·Yi Ke Feng Huan

This fantasy romance drama stars Victoria Song as the newbie reporter who has felt alone and abandoned by the world, Guan Pippi, and Huang Jing Yu as the mysterious Jade Master, He Lan Jing, who has never shown his face to the public before. 

Will this mysterious man finally get Guan Pippi to believe in love again? Will Guan Pippi be able to get through to Lan Jing and find that he too feels alone in the world? This drama also stars Xu Kaicheng, Jiang Qilin, Xu Fang Yi, Liu Yongxi and Li Shen.

Release Date: May 9, 2018 Tencent

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  1. Guan Pippi? Lmao

  2. i find it amazing how jingyu went from low budget BL drama to all these dramas, man, the power of handsome face

  3. Woahhh Huang Jingyu he's so handsome. Love his acting since in Addicted

  4. Is there an English translation available of the novel this drama is based on? I would love to read the story they are basing the drama on.

  5. Does anyone know the song in the car chase scene? Thank you!