Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Dispel Divorce Rumors

Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
You might remember Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi getting married in fabulous Bali back in March 2016 after dating for over 3 years after acting in the drama, Scarlet Heart, in 2011. 

Baseless rumors such as the couple getting divorced or Liu Shishi being pregnant with another man's baby have been circulating the internet and I guess it was getting out of hand that they had to involved to release a joint statement through their lawyer.

Beijing Xingquan Law Firm release a joint statement on behalf of Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi last Friday, April 13th.  In the statement, it was stated that the malicious rumors are being disseminated by irresponsible netizens which have received a massive amount of unwanted attention.  

Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
This resulted to the couple, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi, being severely criticized and stigmatized by the public and their peers. It further explained that it has disrupted the couples normal course of life and consequently affected their public image.  

The document further states that as of statement release date, the rumor continues to circulate and is still receiving malicious and demeaning comments which, under the law, constitute to a cyber crime. 

Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
The law firm emphasizes that it will adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards people who will continue to disseminate any false information relating to the couple.  It has also called the attention of all media outlets to uphold their journalistic integrity and report only the truth. The law firms have already sent out warnings and advised netizens to immediately delete any comments or posts relating to the fake news because failure to do so will have its consequences including but not limited to civil suits and criminal liability.   

We're used to seeing actors and actresses fight off rumor but we don't usually see them to take it to this level of severity. It must have really affected them that much that they have to get their lawyers involved. 

I am glad that Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are taking proactive action. It protects Liu Shishi's name as it's her name that's being dragged into the mud and it's nice to see the husband defend his wife's honor this way. I admire Nicky Wu more after this!

Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors

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  1. It's good for them to use the law to fight against trolls. Its one thing to talk about fact, but assuming things about someone life when you don't know them is crossing the line. Whatever going with their life is no one business but their own.
    It’s the same for fandom, I made the mistake of finding out why a thread was so long and it turned out to be a fandom thread for a series that they loves. I do understand that they ship 2 characters together both on and off screen but it became to be a little too much. I do want to check out both actors work as individual but at the same I really don’t. Whenever the individual actor work is being discussed, somehow every little detail is being analyzed and always turned back into their earlier collaborate work. They haven’t showcased much of their abilities to everyone yet, but the fandom is killing every interest I have to check out their work. Lay back on your love and let people see them for their talents.

  2. OMFG C-netizens are the craziest people ever. The rumor sounds like it's trying to target her more than Nicky. Must be somebody who's really jealous of LSS. Everyone knows LSS has very good attitude and good brains, 0 enemy, I wonder why there can be so many people fall for the lie unless paid to pretend to believe? There was no picture no proof...Good job for the couple on taking action!

    Maybe this is something messier. It could be YM's enemies because she's too famous now. There were a few zhihu posts that I can't remember how long ago, people were slandering YM that she dislikes LSS. And she likes to step on other actresses so she can be the top. So maybe this news was to actually slander YM again that she's supposed to be all behind it. But that's so dumb because LSS is past her primiere stage in the career, LLIT did not well like her projects from previous years. If somebody really wants to be the top they would not choose LSS. So competition wise, the culprit might be trying to target something else although it seems to be LSS and NW at this time. This idea fell so they'll come up with new things next.
    Or, maybe somebody is just overly obsess with Nicky and hates LSS which I cannot imagine at his age already. So, maybe it's a huge secret admirer of LSS, wants them to divorce so he can have her all to himself. Who knows, there can be millions of speculations, the entertainment circle is just messy and nasty, that's what it is.

  3. I just can't understand these C-netizens, before they were married, almost everyone was so wishing they would get married and were shipping them so hard and now that they r married, they believe all these gossips and rumors to see this marriage ruin..smh