Lin Gengxin likes to eat this wormy delicacy

Lin Gengxin weird taste in food
Lin Gengxin is one of those celebrities who is quite active on social media. It's usually fun to read his posts, but I'm cringing at the sight of the silkworm dish that he posted about twice - once when it was all cooked and another fresh out of the box. The guy seems to enjoy this fried delicacy, and I hear it's crunchy too. I would never know (not a bug person here). 

Lin Gengxin eats silkworm

Lin Gengxin eats silkworm
Lin Gengxin does have the habit of sharing his cooking escapades and interestingly, he recently donned the chef outfit for the second season of the Chinese cooking reality show Nian Wei You Fun 年味有FUN.

Lin Gengxin cooking skils

Lin Gengxin chef
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