Li Xian shares his chubby past through a before and after photo

Li Xian
Li Xian is currently playing the second lead in Only Side By Side With You. I don't know much about it beyond what I saw in the first episode, but it's certainly a drama that is full of testosterone especially with the combined sexiness of William Chan and Li Xian

Li Xian Only Side By Side With You

Li Xian abs and childhood chubby pics

As it turns out, Li Xian's perfectly sculpted abs were not always so. The actor exposed his own chubby childhood photo on social media. Jokingly, he dared Chang Jian Xiong (his character in the drama) to look at his past. Li Xian comments that he doesn't dare look back. I leave you with another pic of the abs from his breakout role in Tientsin Mystic.

Li Xian abs Tientsin Mystic

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  1. I've seen many actors with their old pic as chubby kids and wow, seems like puberty really hit hard when they started noticing themselves and that looking slim is the 'in' thing that they made such a drastic transformation..literally a big difference (no pun intended).

  2. you means...they showing all this because they just wanted the attention and love from fans...yes...I got it...maybe the actors wanted to gain the attention from fans...if their intention it just same with what I seems they are desperate or just want to get is not a smart way...because when I see at li yifeng and lin gengxin they never show of their body...but still they have so many fans at weibo...different actors have different styles..

    1. Speak for yourself. I want to see the abs!

    2. You sound so bitter for posting such negative comment from just looking at a picture. I don’t see any attention seeking from him. All I see is positive message. In case you’re living under a rock, but there are people that struggling with their weight and once they lose weights, they do post picture to show off the result. Kudos to him for putting in the work and showing it off. Have you seen Shawn Dou with his numerous shirtless pictures, you should check it out.

    3. Showing off or not, we really appreciate it. I don't think there is anything wrong with showing us his abs. :) Lin Geng Xin doesn't show off his body because he is too lazy to workout and probably has nothing to show. I still love his pretty face anyways. Also, Li Yi Feng has posted pictures of him working out at the gym so I would consider that somewhat "showing off". I kind of like that that celebs post pictures of their bodies on social media. This will encourage people to keep fit. Its a good thing in my opinion.

  3. Instead of viewing it as a negative thing, why not look at it as he is inspiring a healthy lifestyle or offering encouragement to those that are trying to lose weight etc. I really loved him in Tientsin Mystic but won’t be watching this drama - not my style of drama.

  4. Guys, what's with all this negativity???
    Do you know how much HARD WORK and DEDICATION it must have taken him to make such a drastic change in his lifestyle???
    Do you think that just not eating anything will make you lose your all fat and leave behind perfectly toned abs???
    He has every right and freedom to publicly acknowledge all the long hours of sweating and training he must've done to reach such a state.
    And we should appreciate that sense of dedication within him. Even if we weren't talking about weight loss, but just the fact that he had a strong will to do something and actually reached a goal.
    Even if that or any other goal isn't a big deal, a person would have every right to feel proud of themselves cuz the DID IT,they accomplished it for themselves.
    And what have you anonymous haters sitting behind your PCs ever done that you could probably boast about.
    So before you shoot down someone's blood, sweat and tears, try to think if you could ever live up to anything close to that.
    Appreciate others. Don't spread hate please.
    Even if he did it as a publicity stunt,in the end it still inspires and coerces people to become more fit which hence improves their health. And it gives people who are struggling with becoming fit that if they dont give up because of how tough it is for so, the end result will be worth every drop of sweat lost and pain felt.
    Damn.... this was a lot...
    hehe :)
    sorry ma peeps
    Don't fight