Idol Producer announces final nine, Cai Xukun wins the most votes

Idol Producer has been growing in popularity ever since it premiered in January. After four months of intense competition, the show ended last night to unveil the members of the newly-formed boyband Nine Percent. Did your favorite idol make the band? 

1st Place: Cai Xukun (48 million votes)
Weibo account: @蔡徐坤

2nd Place: Chen Linong (20 million votes)
Weibo account: @超级農農

3rd Place: Fan Chengcheng (16 million votes)
Weibo account: @Adam0616

4th Place: Justin Huang Minghao (15 million votes)
Weibo account: @jjjustin0219

5th Place: Lin Yanjun (12 million votes)
Weibo account: @Trainee18-林彦俊

6th Place: Zhu Zhengting (12 million votes)
Weibo account: @Zzt-朱正廷

7th Place: Wang Ziyi (9 million votes)
Weibo account: @BBT王子异

8th Place: Xiao Gui (8 million votes)
Weibo account: @小鬼-王琳凯

9th Place: You Zhangjing (8 million votes) 
Weibo account: @Trainee18-尤长靖 ​​​​

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  1. I enjoyed watching this altho the boys were a bit sissy-ish but I actually watch for team dancing and singing..I think Cai Xukun deserved the #1 spot, he was very cool and confidence since the beginning of the show.

    1. Cai Xukun deserves the entire world and so much more. I can't imagine anyone else as the center other than Xukun. He's the ultimate center. I'm so happy for him. He has worked so hard and he has been through a lot. I love him so much and I hope he becomes even more successful!