Eagles and Youngster

Eagles and Youngster Karry Wang
Eagles and Youngster 天坑鹰猎 is a 40-episode Chinese drama based from a novel of the same name by Tianxia Bachang 天下霸唱. It tells the story of Zhang Baoqing, a city boy from Beijing, who is experiencing nature for the first time.  He, along with two other friends, go on a quest to find a cure for their mentor but fall down the snow-capped mountains. 

Eagles and Youngster
He encounters dangers and people along the way that will help shape him into the person he hopes he could be. It stars Karry Wang Junkai (Boyhood), Vicky Chen Wenqi (The Liquidator), Jiang Yiyi (Nezha Xiang Yao Ji), Ye Xiaowei (The Strongest Men of God), Sean Zheng Hao (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy), Zhang Yao YuChen Ye Sheng and Wang Yue Xi

In addition to Candle In the Tomb and Tientsin Mystic, this makes yet another adaptation of Tianxia Bachang's work. It features its most youthful cast yet with majority of the them only in their teens. Leading lady Vicky Chen is the youngest at 14 years old, which certainly seems age appropriate for a story about eagles and youngsters. 

Release Date: TBD

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Eagles and Youngster Vicky Chen Wenqi

Eagles and Youngster Jiang Yiyi

Eagles and Youngster

Eagles and Youngster Sean Zheng Hao

Eagles and Youngster

Eagles and Youngster

Eagles and Youngster

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  1. Are you serious? 14 years old for a lead!? That's so young!
    But the cast does seem fresh. hope to see some surprises from this group of young faces