Character introductions: The Way We Were

Character introductions The Way We Were Tang Yan
The Way We Were 归去来 has dropped posters of the six main characters taking the lead in the drama about study abroad students.

Tang Yan plays Xiao Qing. Her father is a prosecutor of the anti-corruption commission. Coming from a glistening background, Xiao Qing aspires to be a future lawyer just like her father. She is level-headed, driven and a bright star in the new generation of study abroad students who are often portrayed in a negative light. She has to make a choice between following her feelings and doing what's right. 

Character introductions The Way We Were Luo Jin
Luo Jin plays Shu Che. Even when his family and personal relationships are tainted by political interests, he remains pure and principled as he stands on his own two feet without relying on his father's connections. 

Character introductions The Way We Were Amelie Xu
Amelie Xu plays Miao Ying. She is the epitome of perfection - beautiful, sweet and intelligent. Her parents divorced when she were still young and apart from financial support, her father was never a part of their lives. Even so, Miao Ying knows that her future is already written in stone as a successor of the Cheng family. 

Character introductions The Way We Were
Yu Ji Wei as Ning Ming, a scholar from a reputable school. He comes from a middle class family of salarymen, but decides to test his potential because of a one-sided love. 

Character introductions The Way We Were
Wang Tian Chen as Cheng Ran. He is a delinquent student with money to spare. His rebellious streak stems from having grown up lacking in warmth and affection.

Character introductions The Way We Were
Ma Cheng Cheng as Luca. Like Cheng Ran, she has the money and lavishly spends it on shopping sprees. Her habit has honed her keen eye for fashion which leads to a career path in the same field. 

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  1. What did they do to Luo Jin? He looks hella good usually but that pic is just ... no