Character Introduction: Summer's Desire

Summer's Desire Character introductions
We've already mentioned that Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏 will be getting rebooted again and it will star Sophie Zhang Xue Ying, Qin Jun Jie and Huang Sheng Chi.  It's about the two men, Luo Xi and Ou Chen, falling in love with Xia Mo but failed only to meet again 5 years later.  Will one of them succeed or will both of them fail yet again? We'll find out in about a week!

Summer's Desire Character introductions Sophie Zhang

Sophie Zhang plays the young and talented orphaned Yin Xiamo who got into show business for her brother. She had a challenging young life especially when Luo Xi came into the picture but has remained gentle and kind even in the face of adversity.

Summer's Desire Character introductions Qin Junjie

Qin Junjie plays the valiant Ou Chen who is protective towards Xiamo but an accident left him without memories of his past. He may seem to be an intimidating person to an outsider but he is actually gentle and kind to those he loves, making him the ideal man.

Summer's Desire Character introductions Huang Shengchi

Huang Shengchi plays the arrogant Luo Xi who came to live with Xiamo's adoptive parents along with her brother. The now famous Luo Xi returns to Taiwan after five years to help Xiamo with her music career.

Summer's Desire Character introductions Chen Xinyu

Chen Xinyu plays Yao Shuer who will mentor Xiamo in her acting career and eventually become her good friend.

Summer's Desire Character introductions Madina Memet

Madina Memet the diva Shen Qiang who is heads over heels in love with Luo Xi.

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