Character Introduction: God of Lost Fantasy

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama Sheng Yilun
God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 is a new drama that's based on a novel of the same name. The drama is about the Qin family's adopted son who was caught in the middle of the royals and their traitors. 

Peter Sheng Yi Lun plays Qin Wen Tian, the adopted son of the Qin family who was once considered to be weak but never stopped striving for the best.  He is a strong-willed character who continues to uphold loyalty and bravery to live up to the family's ideals. He is a very compassionate and righteous man but when the Qin family barely escaped its destruction, he was entangled in a power struggle between the royalties and carried on the burden of the family's mission. He is bound to face human deception and powerful monsters but his wittiness in battle will make him a legend.

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama Olivia Wang
Olivia Wang Zi Wen plays the beautiful and intelligent, Mo Qing Cheng. She is the most trusted lover of Qin Wen Tian and they fight together side-by-side.

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama
Xiang Zuo plays Yi Wu Wei who grew up in the palace since he was small. He yearns to see the world and in doing so, meets the love of his life, Qin Yao. 

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama

Tang Jing Mei plays the smart and talented, Bai Qiu Xue, the eldest daughter of the Bai family. She was engaged to Qin Wen Tian since they were young but betrays him for her family. She is a bit misguided and troubled but doesn't seem completely villainous. 

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama
Chen Meng Qi plays the talented and educated Ye Wu Que, the eldest son of the Ye family which is one of the four biggest families in the country.

God of Lost Fantasy Chinese fantasy drama
Chen Meng Yao plays Bai Qing, the childhood friend of Qin Wen Tian. She chooses a completely different path from her sister, Bai Qing Xue.

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  1. The plot does not seem bad, but Peter Sheng as main lead sucks. Honestly he is a bad actor. The only role he portrayed well, more or less, was the prince in Go Princess Go because he just had to show a cold, detached, indifferent face. He is unable to show any other kind of expressions

  2. Have you seen Oh My General? I can see that he has definitely improved in that drama.

    With his other dramas the characters are more mr serious face or something. So with this upcoming one I don’t know if he has any improvements for more serious expressions.

    Overall, within the industry many actors and actresses nowadays can pull off goofy and playful characters. But when it comes to a more mature or cold character, the acting seems off.

    1. Yeah, Peter Sheng was awesome in Oh My General, so I hope with the right direction he will continue to grow as an actor

  3. I have not seen Oh My General, maybe one day when I will have time. I saw A lifetime love and I remember one scene where he was injured and in danger of dying, but he acted with the same unchangeable face, it was really laughable

  4. Peter Sheng Yi Lun is one of the worst I've had the displeasure of watching. he has the emotional range and acting ability of a lump of coal