Barbie Hsu fabulous at 40!

Barbie Hsu magazine editorial

One of the few actresses that has been laying low for a while is Barbie Hsu. I haven't seen her in a lot of dramas or movies lately especially after she got married. 

Meteor Garden 流星花园 will always be her most memorable one for most people, and like many others, I am excited that a reboot version is in the works. It's too bad that she's unlikely to return for a cameo, so it's nice to be able to see her in a magazine feature for Elle Taiwan, still stunningly beautiful and youthful in her forties. 

Barbie Hsu magazine editorial
Barbie Hsu was in the news lately after being brought to the hospital for dizziness caused by a cold. However, there were several media sites speculating a third pregnancy and that the actress allegedly didn't want to talk about it yet until after the first trimester...

Whatever the real reason for her hospital stay, I am glad she's been discharged and resting at home.

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  1. Barbie is so beautiful and timeless looking even now. Hope she is OK!

  2. She is beautiful!!! I think she was a very pretty and cute vixen Nie Xiao Qian.
    I don't get how some people used to call her ugly but at least she is obviously very natural. Even till today, after aging and even giving birth, her eyes are still consistent.

    Some girls these days having very disturbing eyebags, and also eyelid jumps. Like starting with double eyelids then jumping to triple eyelids, and then back and forth around and around with no possible excuses.