Zhang Yixing and the boys of Go Fighting! return for season 4

Zhang Yixing and Sun Honglei
If there was ever any doubt that the boys would return, what with the popular variety show being suddenly taken off the air by SARFT before season three was completed last year, I think the picture showing everyone back together again is enough to placate the worries. 

The original six-man team comprised of Sun Honglei, Huang Lei, Show Luo, Wang Xun, Huang Bo and Zhang Yixing are back to work and filming for Go Fighting! Season 4 极限挑战 in Shanghai. From the looks of it, they're all getting married? At least that's what the red sash means. Zhang Yixing cheekily referred to themselves as the red flower pretty boys. 

Huang Lei and Zhang Yixing
Show Luo and Zhang Yixing
Zhang Yixing and Wang Xun

Huang Bo and Zhang Yixing

Who else is happy that Zhang Yixing was in charge of taking the selfies, that's like seeing him times 5. 

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