The Way We Were (2018)

The Way We Were premieres May 14, 2018
The Way We Were 归去来 is a 50-episode drama revolving around Chinese students studying abroad in the US. It is meant to give a glimpse into the problems relevant to the new generation, and I'm thinking that the drama must carry some weight as it has been selected as one of the national films to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chinese economic reform. It is led by Tang Yan and Luo Jin along with Amelie XuYu Ji WeiWang Tian Chen and Ma Cheng Cheng

The Way We Were Chinese TV Series Tang Yan

The Way We Were Chinese TV Series Luo Jin
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Xiao Qing (Tang Yan), Shu Che (Luo Jin), Miao Ying (Amelie Xu) and Ning Ming (Tim Yu) are all study abroad students in the US considered to be elite and capable in their own ways. Xiao Qing and Shu Che used to be lovers, but they end up parting ways due to their families. Xiao Qing is different from most, she is unapologetically prideful as she admires and trusts her father who is an honest and just prosecutor. When she finds out that her father is investigating Shu Che's father who is a public official, it becomes a source of tension and a dilemma as they struggle to do what is right.

The Way We Were Chinese TV Series Amelie Xu

The Way We Were Chinese TV Series
A clear conflict is setup for the main couple between right and wrong, love and family. The cast also shares that they have never cried so much in a drama before. The statement would have me instinctively shying away if it were anyone else, but it's my favorite Princess Weiyoung couple back together again. 

The show was originally slated to air in June until it made a sudden announcement just a week before premiere date to indicate that it is airing in May. In times where dramas often get pushed back, it's a nice surprise to be able to watch this a little earlier than expected. 

Release Date: May 14, 2018 Beijing TV, Dragon TV

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The Way We Were Chinese TV Series Wang Tian Chen

The Way We Were Chinese TV Series
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  1. Excited to see Tang Yan and Luo Jin onscreen again but please don't tell me they are they supposed to be playing undergraduates because no. If they are Masters students that is more believable.

  2. ohh i didnt know these 2 has a drama again together, i love them as a couple ever since Weiyoung, they do look a bit older for college students tho lol unless they re doing PhD lol

  3. Loved Lui Jin in The Princess Weiyoung...
    the acting was excellent. It was my first subtitled move I decided to try to watch in the USA and fell in love with all the characters. Well written series. Now I am interested in watching more movies with Lui Jin, Van ess and Tiffany ...