The Flame's Daughter beats out other web dramas to place in first

The Flame's Daughter 1.5 billion views
Okay, that huge grin from Zhang Feng (played by Vin Zhang) seems so out of character, but he and the rest of The Flame's Daughter 烈火如歌 cast do have causes for celebration as their show consistently averages in first according to the Vlinkage daily web drama rankings. It has crossed the 1.5 billion mark as of today, and here's a look at how the numbers compare. 

The Flame's Daughter 1 billion views
The Flame's Daughter started airing on March 1 and reached 1 billion views as of March 10 (9 days after its premiere). 

Siege in Fog 5 hundred million views
Siege in Fog started airing on March 2 and reached 5 hundred million views as of March 9. It still has a ways to go until 1 billion though I don't agree that ratings are indicative of the show's quality. It really boils down to preference (this is the only show I'm watching religiously ha). 

The Legend of Dugu 1 billion views
The Legend of Dugu started airing on February 21 and reached 1 billion views as of March 8 (15 days after its premiere). 

Beauties in the Closet 1 billion views
Beauties in the Closet started airing on February 8 and reached 1 billion views as of March 7 (almost a month after its premiere). 

It's won't even matter which show is doing well for some of the actors as they're literally just competing against themselves. Vic Chou and Hu Bing Qing who play the main couple pairing in Beauties in the Closet are also headlining Flame's Daughter and Dugu. Jeremy TsuiChen Ruo Xuan and even Howie Huang who plays the dad in everything are all part of Siege in Fog in addition to their other dramas. (Update: Was just made aware that Zou Ting Wei who plays second bro in Siege is also in Dugu!)

Elvis Han will soon have another drama in addition to Siege in Fog as Secret of the Three Kingdoms premieres on March 27, 2018. With so many period pieces to choose from, which one are you watching? 


  1. Eh the Flames Daughter is a webdrama? Is it not aired on tv? Why?

    1. i don't really know what happened there, but yes, it is currently a web drama on Youku:)

  2. Bin Bin's smile *o*

    I think it's numbers are good but not amazing and there's hardly any competition right now. As you said ratings certainly aren't indicative of quality and this drama has received tons of promotion compared to any of the other dramas.

    I think Siege in the Fog is doing pretty well considering how long it's been delayed, lack of promotion and short notice before it was released.

    1. I personally think that siege in the fog is better than the flame daughter

  3. I thought it’s because of the new policy that each TV station can only air 110 historical eps per year so they have to choose carefully which one is worth airing

  4. I've always had a soft spot for Vic Zhou after seeing him in Silence (old Taiwanese drama with Korean actress Park Eun Hye), so I'm glad his series is doing well! Even though he's not as *cough* graceful as I imagined in his role, the photos are great.

    Naturally, I'm looking forward to Secrets of Three Kingdoms most of all since it has my fav, Ma Tianyu! And the yet to be released Legend of Yun Xi...I've been collecting posters from the series, now I just need a concrete release date...!

  5. I am watching Siege in Fog so far from this list. I really hope it gets licensed by either Viki or Dramafever, cause so far the translation is a bit slow which is killing me. I waited for this drama for so so long, and now that it is finally here I still can't watch it (the torture!) But I am also planning to watch flame daughter and maybe legend of dugu.