Siege in Fog cast are chessboard pieces in latest character posters

Siege in Fog Poster Elvis Han
Elvis Han as Yi Lian Kai / Lan Po (3rd brother)
I love this! It is stylish, classy and has a sophistication that captures the time period so well. You may think that Siege in Fog is purely romance, but a chess game is the best metaphor for a story that is all sorts of complicated. To be honest, I had difficulty following the first episode because there were too many players engaged in political power play and each of them layered characters that are worth taking the time to get to know. Eh, if this is not your genre, you can also just appreciate the pretty pictures.

It will start getting english subs on Viki beginning April 26, 2018. 

Siege in Fog Poster Sun Yi
Sun Yi as Qin Sang

Siege in Fog Poster Jeremy Tsui
Jeremy Tsui as Pan Jian Chi

Siege in Fog Poster Zheng Luo Qian
Zheng Luo Qian as Yan Yun 

Siege in Fog Poster Zou Ting Wei
Zou Ting Wei as Yi Lian Shen / Yun Xi (2nd brother)

Siege in Fog Poster Kong Chui Nan
Kong Chui Nan as Gao Shao Xuan

Siege in Fog Poster Ma Jing Han
Ma Jing Han as Yi Lian Yi / Xian Qiao (eldest brother)

Siege in Fog Poster Lu Jia Rong
Lu Jia Rong as Min Hong Yu

Siege in Fog Poster Alex Fong
Alex Fong as Yi Ji Pei (patriarch of the Yi Family)

Hou Yong as leader of Tian Meng Hui
Hou Yong as Leader of Tian Meng Alliance

Yu Bo as Li Chong Nian Yu Bo
Yu Bo as Li Chong Nian

Siege in Fog Poster
Zhao Liang as Qin Hou Sheng (Qin Sang's Father)
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  1. Very nice posters.and very apt for the political arc of the drama. I can't beleive this drama took so long to air. It is a very good drama. Everyone in the drama acts really well, the costumes are so good looking one of the best in the republican era drama.

  2. Im glad im not the only one who think this drama outfits are pretty! They do a very good job with the military uniforms , suits and dresses. The movie is half way through now and im not as hyped as i was at thr beginning , but i’ll finish it for Lan Po lol

    1. What does "Lan Po" mean? Is it an Army term? I was trying to figure out if it was his chinese nickname or if it was his officer term. I know it is not his official name since his name. Is Yi Lan Kai

    2. It doesn't help that the ending was leaked and one can watch the ending on youtube. I did feel like the scene cut were off at times. There were plot changes from the novel, but the drama is very good. Considering that I don't normally like Chinese Republican Era dramas. This drama is better than "Too late to say I love you." The conflict here seems to be more complex with layers and layers of complexity due to love, family, country loyalty. I like that none of the characters are straight up good or evil, but a reflection of the turbulent times and all the conflicting choices that people have to make during war time and chaos which makes you the viewer feel relatable to all the characters.

    3. Lan Po is just an endearing nickname, its common for Chinese people to have an official name and a nickname at home. I like it cause it reminds me of Elvis Han's actual personality, he's rlly bubbly and cute! to the other Anon, i hate how its leaked too like leave me alone to watch ughh

  3. The concept of the posters is really artistic. I love it when I noticed that their shadows were turned into chess pieces.

  4. Th posters are wonderful - I love the detail of the chess piece in their shadows. Aesthetically this drama is so beautiful onscreen and even right through to it's posters.