Shen Yue stands on wooden stool while filming Meteor Garden with F4

Shen Yue Meteor Garden step stool Darren Chen
Well, this scene is awkward, but still adorably cute. When the F4 of the new Meteor Garden 流星花園 was first announced, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu and Connor Leung were reported to have an average height of 185 cm (6 feet), which leaves a staggering height difference between then and leading lady Shen Yue who is known to be quite petite. 

Shen Yue height F4
Shen Yue height F4
Shen Yue's height ranges rom 155-160 cm on various online sources though it looks like the crew has devised a way to add a few inches since they have her standing on the same wooden stool in some behind-the-scenes shots where she's acting opposite Darren Chen (plays Hua Ze Lei) and Caesar Wu (plays Ximen). 

Shen Yue height Darren Chen

Shen Yue height Dylan Wang
The cast seem to have no qualms making fun of themselves as they crack up over how Shen Yue manages to look taller than Dylan Wang (plays Dao Ming Si) after his legs were buried in the sand. For all the efforts to make Shen Yue appear taller, it's amusing that her breakout role in A Love So Beautiful actually highlights her height difference with leading man Hu Yi Tian who stands at 188cm. 

Shen Yue Hu Yi Tian height
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  1. pls convert height into ft thank you!

    1. Please use a converter yourself, almost all countries of the world use the metric scale now. So most readers won't understand ft.

  2. @ the entitled person who thinks anyone needs to convert anything for you, just wanted to let you know Google is free

  3. Poor Shen Yue HAHAHA! I know how that feels, my younger brother is 1.88 cm and I am 1.58 but this is the best thing: I used to call him "dwarf" when he was younger (and shorther than me XD) and I still do, people always find fun that someone so tall has "dwarf" as a nickname.