Secret of the Three Kingdoms surges while The Flame's Daughter continues to lead the web dramas

Secret of the Three Kingdoms day 1 Ratings
Secret of the Three Kingdoms which premiered last night hit 100 million views within the first 3 hours. It's quite impressive for the show considering that The Flame's Daughter which has been the most-viewed web drama for most of the month only crossed the hundred million mark after 18 hours.

Only Side By Side With You day 1 Ratings

Only Side By Side With You day 1 Ratings
Only Side By Side With You which aired last Sunday would have had more exposure being a primetime television drama that has a simultaneous web broadcast, and it has hit 100 million views 12 hours after its release. 

The Flame's Daughter Liehuo Ruge web drama ratings
It's been almost a month since The Flame's Daughter went on air and it has just celebrated reaching 4 billion views and remains to be the most popular among the other web dramas that premiered around the same time.

Siege in Fog continues to move at its own pace as it reaches 1.5 billion views as of last Sunday.

Legend of Dugu web drama ratings
The Legend of Dugu hit 3 billion views as of today. The poster is quite telling of what's to come in terms of the plot and my heart hurts for the ill-fated couple.

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  1. Great for Secret of the Three Kingdoms. It looks very good and I'm hearing good things!

    Good Siege on the Fog too all things considered (but it deserves more)

    Why do so many of the promo pics of Dilireba and Vic Chou in that drama look like a girl hanging out with her gay bff? Aren't they supposed to be the romantic OTP in the story? Strange.