Recent updates on the male cast of Nirvana in Fire 1 and 2

Nirvana in Fire Hu Ge in 2018
Gosh, I miss Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜. It's been almost three years since this masterpiece of a drama, and nothing has changed, it is still my number one. It's a nice coincidence to be seeing updates on the cast in recent days, and here's a quick look at each one. 

Hu Ge Shu Qi A Dream Like A Dream
Shu Qi Vicki Zhao A Dream Like A Dream
Hu Ge who took a break from acting in early 2017 has been back in China working on the stage play A Dream Like A Dream. Thanks to Shu Qi and Viki Zhao who watched the show together, we get a glimpse of the A-list celebrities in one frame. 

Nirvana in Fire Wang Kai in 2018
Wang Kai has been working non-stop since his breakout role in Nirvana in Fire

Nirvana in Fire Wang Kai lost weight 2018
His recent appearances on the red carpet and on social media had people commenting that the actor has lost so much weight.

Nirvana in Fire Wang Kai lost weight 2018
According to Wang Kai, he lost the weight for the sake of his latest drama Eastward Flows The Changjiang River, which is still in the process of filming. As it is a period drama, he mentioned that people from that time won't be too heavy. However, he claims that it isn't really too bad since it's just his face that looks different. Overall, his weight didn't change by much.

Nirvana in Fire 2 Huang Xiaoming

Nirvana in Fire Jin Dong
Seeing as Nirvana in Fire 2 happened many many years after the first. There isn't really any opportunity for crossovers between the main actors, but real life is a different story in the world of Chinese showbiz.

Nirvana in Fire Huang Xiaoming Jin Dong
Nirvana in Fire Huang Xiaoming Jin Dong

Huang Xiaoming ran into Jin Dong at the 2018 China Quality TV Drama Awards. He shared their photo together and added the caption, "Your old master of Lang Ya Hall has become young again."

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long
Although a supporting character, Chen Long also became a fan favorite for his portrayal of Meng Zhi. 

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long

Chen Long's wife Zhang Ling Zhi recently shared pictures of the actor from his younger days. She jokingly said that friends had always mentioned that her husband was also considered a little fresh meat (young and handsome) back then. 

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long young pictures

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long young pictures

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long young pictures

Nirvana in Fire Chen Long young pictures
She never believed them until her mother-in-law busted out his old pictures. Now, she's no longer worried about their kids' visuals. Chen Long helplessly responds, "Were you always worried from the time we got married until now?"

Nirvana in Fire Wu Lei as Fei Liu
Wu Lei who played Mei Changsu's trusty sidekick is now 18-years-old and busy with college entrance exams

Wu Lei 2018 basketball
He barely had any updates on weibo this month probably for that reason though he recently uploaded the picture above and insisted that he's not thinking of playing basketball (yea, you are). It looks like he will only get busier as he will soon be appearing as a regular member on the new variety show Who's The Keyman.

Nirvana in Fire 2 Liu Hao Ran
Last but not the least is Liu Hao Ran who plays the main protagonist in Nirvana in Fire 2 in spite of his young age. He's currently 20-years-old.

Nirvana in Fire 2 Liu Hao Ran kid pictures
I don't even know how real this is but a questionnaire that he supposedly filled out when he was a kid is making the rounds online. In it, he announces his dream of becoming a millionaire. 

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  1. Thanks for the post. I've watched 20 episodes of Nirvana in Fire and I'm really enjoying it.

  2. im still trying to get past ep 1 cause i dont understand anything OTL everyone says it's very good and i want to get into it but ep 1 always discourages me so much lol

    1. I'm really enjoying it (I've watched 20 episodes). The first few episodes give you a lot of information to 'digest' so to speak.
      I'll send a few links that give the the characters and their respective descriptions, and also a link for recaps of all episodes.

      After watching the first episode I read the character descriptions again and the recaps and rewatched the first episode, to sort of 'cement' the information into my brain. This helped me. And a few times I read the recaps first then watched the episode, which helped me a lot through the first few episodes. Please don't let this hold you back from watching.
      Hope it helps.

      Character guides:
      The first is a bit more detailed and is my preference, but I use both.

      It's an informative and entertaining trio of bloggers (they hold back nothing, was a bit embarassed a few times).

    2. I had the same problem. My friend kept telling me how good it was, but I was sthck in ep1 for months. It took me 3 attempts to get thru ep1. The first 10 episodes are really just setting up the story. I did not think I would like it but oh man....once you get into it, it is such am awesome drama. One of my favorites now. So just be patient with it. Dont worry if all the characters and names are confusing. Just keep at it and it will all sink in.

  3. Bless you, i ll give it a try again. My Chinese boyfriend talks about it a lot and i feel like im missing out on a masterpiece but the complicated characters rlly make me confuse and want to give up. Thanks a lot!

  4. You're welcome. And I understand, there is a lot of information thrown at viewers, just use those resources like a cheat sheet ;) and enjoy the drama.