Lareina Song backs out from The King's Avatar to focus on Novoland

There has been an unfortunate casting change on The King's Avatar 全职高手, which had initially secured Yang Yang and Lareina Song Zuer as the leads. The show has issued a statement to explain that while Lareina Song was participating in the creative process for The King's Avatar, her other drama Novoland: Eagle Flag was already in the process of filming. As she wanted to do justice to the roles, she has willingly backed out from The King's Avatar to focus on Novoland. 

Furthermore, it looks as though the decision was made amicably. it is revealed that the filming crew for both shows are all from Linmon Pictures and that everyone came to an agreement after communicating with each other. It's too bad as this would have been a cute pairing to root for, but now that Yang Yang needs another leading lady, may we suggest Zheng Shuang? Considering the plot and Yang Yang playing a gamer again, it would be too perfect!

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  1. um why is it that it’s not Yangyang that backs out tho he can’t act for his life. So wooden and awkward. I cringed at his acting the last time I watched him in Eternal Love movie version with Liu Yifei. This is my fave anime and it is planned for 80 episodes, i was pretty excited to see the live action but not sure how am i supposed to watch wooden Yangyang for whole 80 episodes. I’m pretty doubtful if he can do a good job and give justice to the anime.

    The anime actually have very little romance but of course the production team will add more romance plot to attract audiences. Pls let it not be zhengshuang she’s stiff as well. -,- Reason why Yang Yang’s acting in Love O2O is bearable because his partner is even more suck, so most of the acting criticism went to ZhengShuang instead of him. Girl really save his life.

    Song Zuer made a good choice like who wanna stay act with robot when you have other big production and better partner, age-wise and talent-wise in Novoland.

    1. @Anonymous: OMG! I can't stop laughing! Your post is so harsh but hilarious.

    2. omg, you guys! haha i really did love them in Love O2O.

  2. Is that her English name? It's pretty!

    Her role in Novoland sounds more interesting and the leading man, director, supporting actors, writers are all superior over TKA so I she made the right choice to stick with Novoland

    I would be thrilled if Zheng Shuang star opposite him. It's better to contain the bad actors in the one drama so I can avoid it and they don't ruin other good dramas!

  3. Wow everyone is so harsh yikes. Give the guy a chance. He looks decent in martial universe trailers and u can tell hes trying to improve himself

    1. lol how long he has been an actor though, that he's still trying to improve? that we have to give him more chance? from I first watched him in Whirlwind Girl which was aired in 2015, aka 5 years since his acting debut to the latest Once Upon A Time which was released last year, still no changes. Still no depth to his acting. Still has yet to surprise me.

      Trying to improve himself is like lame excuse given by his fans to cover his bad acting. just say that you guys stan him for his visual or personality or whatever. it irks me whenever his fans are trying to defend that his acting isn't that bad or that he's decent. if he's decent, I wouldn't notice his awkward acting.

      Even Chinese netizen often criticize his acting, if you guys didnt aware. The critism wasn't harsh, it's what he should expect. You want to expect people saying nice things about him with his poor acting? Dont be delusional. His latest film is criticized a lot for his poor acting performance. This is why c-netizen cant take him and most of other fresh meat seriously.

      Yangyang should put more effort into his acting to prove himself to other people especially when he keeps getting lead roles left and right. He should repay back with good acting performance for how much opportunity he has received.

      Come on, I also did have Yangyang phase in the past, everyone does at some point, but we have to be realistic and knows when to criticize. Dont be a blind fan. It's unfair to other young actors that are much better in terms of acting, who deserves as much opportunity as he gets.

  4. Im not saying he is a good actor? I just want ppl to give him a chance becoz i like him as a person and i know he is trying his best? He even cried at a once upon a time premier coz netizens went hard on him online and u can tell how much that affected him.

    His last projects were loveo2o and once upin a time which were filmed 2 years ago. Lets see how he goes with martial universe b4 we start saying he never improves.