Upcoming Dramas & Movies Mar 2018

The Flame's Daughter Stills C-drama
The Flame's Daughter (Mar 1 Youku) 
A story revolving around Lie Ruge, a pure and high-spirited young woman who gets caught in a complicated web of lies that started spinning nineteen years ago. Starring Dilraba Dilmurat, Vic Chou and Vin Zhang.

Siege in Fog (Mar 2 Tencent)
During a time when the country was war torn, the story revolves around a heart-wrenching love story between Qin Sang and the third young master of the Yi Family. Starring Elvis Han and Sun Yi. 

Grand Prince (Mar 3 TV Chosun)
A complicated love triangle as two princes fall in love with the same woman amidst the political machinations that come with vying for the throne. Starring Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon and Joo Sang Wook. 

My Husband, Mr. Oh (Mar 3 MBC) 
A single woman in he mid-30's succumbs to the idea of marriage and enters into a contract marriage with a man who lives in the mountains. Starring UEE and Kim Kang Woo. 

OldBoy Chinese Television Series March 2018
OldBoy (Mar 4 Hunan TV)
A story about a man who's at the age when he should have his life all figured out, yet he finds that he has a lot of growing up to do when his sixteen-year-old son turns up. Starring Liu Ye and Ariel Lin. 

A cupid barista that spikes coffee with love potion crosses paths with a policewoman. Starring Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Eun. 

Tempted (Mar 12 MBC)
Kwon Shi Hyun bets his life on a dangerous game to seduce a woman who is jaded towards love. Starring Woo Do Hwan and Joy.

Only Side By Side With You Chinese TV series March 25 premiere
Only Side By Side With You (Mar 25 Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Tencent)
A story set in the field of drone technology that revolves around a romance between Nan Qiao and a man with a mysterious background. Starring William Chan and Bai Baihe. 

Secret of the Three Kingdoms (Mar 27 Tencent)
A story around the time when Cao Cao uses the Han Emperor as a puppet to rule the kingdom. It is from the perspective of Liu Ping (a fictional character) who assumes the King's identity. Starring Ma Tianyu, Elvis Han and Wan Qian. 

Tree in the River (Mar 29 Sohu)
A group of young urbanites searching for love and romance, but the unique twist to this drama is that the characters have personalities representative of certain animals. Starring Gillian Chung, Mike He, Sonia Sui and Ray Chang.

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  1. Another 'pure and high=spirited' heroine. When are we gonna get a 'calm and calculating' heroine instead? So typical.

    1. Totally agree, Tia. Tired of these cookie cutter heroine but I guess that will continue to be the trend with all these stories adopted from internet novels starring self-insert Mary-sue characters.

    2. sunny,what is that mean by calm and calculating heroin?

  2. @ Anonymous:
    Calm and calculating means they are not very emotional. They are intelligent and use the brain and think about things carefully and usually have their own plans they are trying to achieve.

  3. thanks a lot...yes...that is what I want too...I realy wanted the heroin with intelligent tricks rather that being so emotional...it is not wrong being emotional...it is the natural thing for women...but to much emotional is not good also...I prefer the heroin that can solve all the sircumstances with intelligent that will cause her being an outstanding heroin..to much tears is not good

    1. @ Anonymous: You are welcome for the explanation :) Yes, I wish we had more heroines like that too!

  4. Finally the long awaited siege in fog! I'll be watching that along with Flames Daughter. It's even better that they premiere back to back.

  5. What? Siege in the Fog is FINALLY airing? They just dropped that one out of nowhere!

  6. Only Side by Side With You episode 1 & 2 were uploaded on March 25 and the team is working on English subs first, then the teams will translate to other languages as well.