Panda Impressions #26: Oh My General and Beyond Light Years

Here are this week's drama finds.

Oh My General

Oh My General Couple MOVEEE
Oh My General begins with a general returning from a victorious battle and is commanded to marry a prince. The prince is a good for nothing, womanizing, trouble causing, spoiled brat. Everything the general is not. It is hilarious when they first wed and also very sweet as their relationship develops. The scenes and costumes are very stylistic and bold. Every scene has a meaning. It is so refreshing to have a well-written drama, with none of the predictable nonsense melodrama. (I'm just hoping it has a conclusive ending, rather than the wtf endings we've been getting lately!) - Contributed by Judy.

Beyond Light Years

First Impressions Beyond Light Years c-drama

Beyond Light Years is a college romance drama with gaming influences. Since it comes from the makers of Love O2O, it brings back similar characters and familiar vibes all while telling a different story. I like the introduction to another sunny college campus and its new batch of students adapting to school life. The new leads in this are not Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei but they carry their own charm. It seems like it would be a fluffy watch though I'd prefer Love O2O any day, that one was addictively sweet. 

First Impressions Beyond Light Years

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  1. Is Oh my General subbed anywhere?

    1. Just noticed, the first 6 episodes of OMG have been subbed. probably a work in progress. Colourful Bone is also being subbed (episodes up to 11 are completed). I really like it so far.

    2. I’ve been waiting for the oh my general eng sub since...

  2. Where did you find the sub for Oh My General?

  3. Dropped Oh My General after 2 episodes. With all that talent, Sandra Ma deserves better. :(

  4. I still need to watch Love O2O, but I checked out the first two episodes of Beyond Light Years and so far it's not bad.

  5. can someone tell me .. the ending of beyond the light year .. i watch 6 episode but i cant watch the rest, because there's no engsub .. but i hate the way the main role not end up bein together ..